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Lookin' for my first fattie (or midfat)

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FINALLY able to post. I've been ogling the forum for a few weeks now and I'm hoping someone on here will have a few opinions for me about some mid-fat or fat ski options.

I am a 27 yr old aggressive female skier. What I lack in technique I try to make up for in enthousiasm (but my technique is improving). I'm 5'6", 150lbs, althete in various sports of most of my life. I'm currently riding on a pair of 2002 Volkl G2 20-20's - love them - were billed as an intermediate ski but kicked my butt the first year - stiff, fast, edge grips like...well...a Volkl. Boot is a Rossignol Power 9 (junior race boot)....I ski mostly at the local BC mountains - Whistler/Blackcomb, but also do a fair amount of skiing in the interior of BC - Big White, Sun Peaks, etc.

I'm looking for an off-piste specialist that can still function on the groomers if necessary. I've been looking at the Volkl Aura, Dynastar Exclusive Legend Powder, K2 Nancy and Head Sweet Fat Thang mostly. Wondering what you guys think and would love to hear from someone who's demoed any of these - difficult, I know, as all of these skis are new for this year.

Anyways, enough with the rambling - thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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I test about 60 skis a year including women's expert skis and I can comment on the first two.

The Exclusive powder is a bit more of an everyday ski than an off piste specialist. The EP is light, nimble, has good grip and is surprisingly stable due to a fairly straight shape. I skied it most of a spring day in a 165 cm length. The day included some leftovers from the day before, plus your normal transitioning snow. As long as I kept my speed reasonable it was plenty of ski. (I'm 5-10" 188 lbs) I doubt that you would find a speed limit if you went with a 165.

The Aura is more of the off trail specialist due to the width. It is significantly softer than the men's version (Mantra) The Aura is nearly as light as the EP and the grip is similar. I found that the Aura 163 was not as stable probably because it has much more sidecut. However, the Aura floated better.

I think both are great skis and they are more similar than some might think. If your priorities are that performance in deeper snow is more important to you, I'd suggest the Aura. OTH, if you are looking for a slighly more nimble ski at some sacrifice in the deepish stuff, get the EP.

I can't comment on the other two.

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Hey Mog, what size are your G2s? I'm asking because my wife is about your size (5'7"/150) and has only been skiing for about 5 years and she has migrated to using much longer skis for the higher speed off-piste skiing we do now. Her current favorite skis are the old version of the K2 Phat Luv in a 174cm - which run long and felt too long to her at first; but now she LOVES them and hates anything shorter.

At your size and aggressiveness I would say go at least 170 and look more around 175+/- if it's a full twin tip (depending on the ski of course)...and don't limit it to Womens skis. Jim's suggestions are good ones except imho you may want to go longer. Just know that whatever you get it is going to feel weird and slow turning at first until you get used to the width - you may initially not like it but within a few days you'll get used to it and from then on you'll love wider skis

Here's a good deal on the Sweet Fat Thang (I'd personally recommend the 176cm size since these are twins and ski short) - fyi, this is the same ski apparently as the Mojo 90.

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Hey X-East

To answer your q - my G2's are 170's, but I thought that I'd go a little shorter w/ a fatter ski so that they'd be a little more nimble in the trees....is this not right? Most of these are big enough that they'll float almost no matter what... I liked the K2 series actually quite a bit originally and was going to buy the Spires at one point, however after I tried the Volkl's I found that I was actually disappointed in the edge hold and the dampness at speed....I have been eyeing the Apache series though in my current quest...And as I said, I'm interested in the Nancy's - I just can't find the #%&@ things to get a good look and feel and that always makes me a little gun shy.

I think that the only reason I've been limiting myself to the women's lot is due to length - I was seriously looking at the Elan M777, but the shortest it comes is 177...similar w/ most men's stuff....and I'm having a hard time reconciling myself to a softer ski to gain some length.

But someone let me know if I'm misinformed and should be going for a longer ski than I'm considering.

Keep the comments coming though 'cause I'm trying to get out and at least see all these before I spend a wack of change on them.

Thanks for your reviews Sierra!
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