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Karmas vs. Mojo 90s?

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I have been looking for an all-mountain twin for months now and have finally have cut it down to two skis: Volkl Karmas and Head Mojo 90s. I ski everything at various speeds but tend to stay up in the mountain rather than the park (most of the time). I live in WA, so although I love good snow, I don't always get it. I need something that is good at ripping groomers as well as crud, powder, and so on. I'm 5'11'' and 165 lbs and a very capable skier. I have read very strong epinions on both skis and simply connot decide. I know Volkl has an impressive reputation that is hard to overlook but everytime I try and convince myself to get the Karmas, the Mojo 90s pop back into the picture. Any advice/thoughts would be awesome!
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If this is going to be your only ski and you live out west, I think you want something wider than the Karma. Though the Karma is supposedly the best carving and ripping twin ever made, which is why I bought a pair. Haven't skied them yet, but I can't wait.
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Can't help you much with the decision, but I'd definately say you're in a win-win situation. I'd say go with your gut, it sounds like you personally might regret not getting the Mojo's more than not getting the Karmas.
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They are both great skis, I ski them both regularly.

Both will hold their own on any terrain.

I find the Mojo90 has a slightly more progresive flex pattern, enabling you to store and release the energy in the ski with ease. The Karmas at first appear to be stiffer than the Mojo90 longitudinally, but you have to work harder initially to store some energy in the ski.

They are both great skis, but for the steeps I like the slightly softer tip and tail of the Mojo90.
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Thanks for the advice. I think I'm starting to lean towards the Mojo 90s. However, having said that, I have recently been offered a pair of 05/06 Mantras in 177 that are sweet! Life is never simple is it...
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Well, if that is the case, I'd say Karmas to increase the coverage of your quiver...
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I'd say go for whichever one you can find the better deal on.
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anyone know the best place to buy skis?
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Ummmmmm. Anywhere really. Some swear by local shops, others are devoted internet shoppers. If you're looking for the lowest price, the internet is usually the way to go.
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Got my Mojo90's on the net last summer for $375 brand new with bindings. The deals are there if you're patient enough to look for them. Mind you with the winter season coming on, you're not going to find the kinda deals you would during the off season.
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Try before you buy ... if possible

What no one has really mentioned here is the importance of trying before buying. You can get a lot of good advice here, but sometimes one view of a ski in a particular condition is the opposite of someone else's opinion.

Finding Volkls to demo is pretty easy in most ski areas, I think. And, ok, I can't resist the joke -- getting some Head is a little more difficult. But like you, I've heard great things about the Mojo90. I think Karmas get a little more play because they're more widely available -- at least where I live and ski.

Now my opinion -- I scored some Karmas at a great season-ending price. Veeeight has some excellent insights in his post that echo my impression so far. I'm really looking forward to more days on them soon!

Also, largely due to the thread below, I bought the Tyrolia Railflex bindings, which make the Karmas even more versatile:

Give your local shops business if you can. However, I admit that I bought my bindings online ( because the deal was just sick.
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I'm finally am leaning towards the Mojo 90's and about ready to commit. I'm 5'11'' and 165lbs and a all-round aggressive skier, although I'm not carving gigantic long turns down vertical faces a whole lot.

Should I go 176 or 186?

I want to be able to have maneuverability but still have control at speeds...
Any thoughts?
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176. If you did ski lots of open bowls at mach schnell I'd say 186, but for your intended use I think 176.
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Thats all I needed to hear.

Esqiador: Thanks for the link to the Tyrolia RailFlex. They really opened my eyes a bit. I'm going to look into those.

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I just bought the Mojo 90 in a 176 today via the web. I'm 5'9" and 165# low level 8 skier. I'm moving to CO at the first of the year, so I decided on the Mojo via the reviews and info here and at TGR. I'm too damned impatient (terrible trait of mine) to wait until I get out there and demo.

FYI, has the 06/07 ski with bindings for $599 plus only $10 shipping if you go the online route. Not sure where you plan to buy from.
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Wow, thats a really good deal!

Good tip
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Levelnine sports seem to be a pretty good outfit. I think it was started by a Ski Instructor from Alta.
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You may want to follow this EBAY auction....

I just picked up the 177 Karmas from last season, can't wait to get out on them. Ill post a little Northeast review if it ever snows here.
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