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I Need Boots

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The tables lately have been very good to me and I am in the market for some new boots. I have about 400-500 extra dollars to spend on boots + fiitting.

I have no idea where to start.

I am intermediate skiier looking at improving my technique and move beyond skiing all blues and moving into being comfortable skiing all styles of runs.
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Get thee to a boot-fitter...
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That's the plan. There is one reccomended in Bozeman and I will be visiting them after election day.
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Listen to your bootfitter, of course.

I bought Salomon X-Wave 8's last year. I like how easily they slip on/off my jumbo feet (31.0).
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Originally Posted by MontanaSnow View Post
That's the plan. There is one reccomended in Bozeman and I will be visiting them after election day.
Who are you going to see? My shop of choice is PHD Skis on West Main St. Kevin, the owner is one of the best if not the best in our area. Stu the manager is pretty good too. If you stop in tell em RicB sent you. Later.
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Stop by Alpine High and start trying on boots. I'm not sure which lines they carry this year but I've been impressed in the past by their selection. Find the models that fit well then come back here to get an opinion on how well suited they are for you. The most important thing with boots is fit, not performance.
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Bootfitters name: Travis Engstrom
Shop: The Chalet Ski & Sports
Location: Bozeman, MT
Phone Number: 406-587-4595

I figured to go here because it was in the reccomendation thread - though I will probably stop at the first place Ric said now....can't flippin wait to try some boots on!!!!!
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I'm not sure Travis is still working at Chalet....you probably need to call ahead to see. I have not been impressed with the normal boot help I get at either Chalet or Roundhouse. If you keep asking questions and bugging them the staff (which is often attractive, but clueless) will bring in someone who knows more. Kevin at PhD is definitely the most knowledgable in town but I haven't been as impressed with the other help at PhD & you might find it hard to get Kevin's help if they are busy. Plan on taking a lot of time bouncing between the three shops trying on different models.
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There was a Travis working at the chalet as of last year anyway, but the real boot fitting knowledge at the chalet left a few years ago.

If you call ahead and ask to speak to Kevin I'm sure he can accomodate you.

There is another boot fitter and certified Pedorthist who will be at Big Sky during our psia division fall festival this December. The timing would have to be exact but it could be an option if arranged ahead of time. He is usually very busy though with all the instructors.

If it were me I would visit with Kevin, and like I said, tell him I sent you. Here's the number 406-587-5227 Later, RicB.
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