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Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Yesterday an article in The New York Times said that about 5% of the population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) in winter. However, 1% of the people experiences SAD in summer. (This one is new to me).

I usually don't feel too good in the summer. When the cold mornings start to kick in around October, I feel so good as if I have taken medication of some sort. That feeling is very strong. Then, of course, skiing in winter cures all sort of blue.

How do you feel in summer? Which do like better, autumn or spring? I am curious.

This topic brings up another issue about the timing of ski magazines' publishing dates. They don't publish in summer when I need them desperately. Don't you prefer to read about skiing more in summer than winter? You have no idea how excited I was reading the recent issue of Ski magazine last night at 90 degree heat wave? BTW, here in NYC, we have 24 days over 90 degree so far this year. Normally, it's 18 per year on the average.
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I used to get SAD really bad in the winter, before I started skiing. A manager at a gym I work at noticed this, and suggested I find a winter sport. I appreciate all 4 seasons now.
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Same here LisaMarie. I used to hate fall till I started skiing. Growing up in St. Louis, winters were long cold and boring. Now I love fall, winter and summer. Funny now spring is my least favorite season.
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I'm definitely one of the 1% with 'reverse' seasonal affective disorder. I enjoy mountain biking a lot, but I absolutely hate the heat. I hate the blazing sun every day, and I feel like I'm about to melt. It takes some serious motivation for me to get my butt off the sofa during summer - it's like my body wants to hibernate until it snows... Everyone I work with thinks I'm insane because I'm smiling all winter long.

It probably does have something to do with what you do when you're a kid - I remember winters in Michigan as nonstop fun - even before I started skiing. We built an ice skating rink in the yard, made tunnels and snow forts, built iced down 20 foot tall slides that wound through the yard for our saucer sleds, and my parents could never keep me indoors. Summer was utterly boring in comparison...

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Altagirl - Your first paragraph describes me to a "T" as well. The only difference between us is that my parents had a summer cabin on top of a mountain, so I *great* summers as a kid. In spite of that good start, every summer, I still wind up feeling like a polar bear in a zoo in the tropics - ugh.

Tom / PM
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The only time "living is good" is after the first frost of autumm until the sap quits runnin'

Having grown up in the Daklotas, It never gets to be winter anywhere else!
Just bad falls and springs.

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Yeah- it defiantly takes motivation for me to do anything in the summer. In the winter if it's 0 degrees and snowing lightly I get estatic. Hmmm...and my teachers thought I had a cold during those cold, snowy winter days [img]smile.gif[/img]
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My mood goes south when the spring snow melts and I strongly dislike how I fell in the summer. It is made even worse by madatory trips every summer to florida. The only reason that I find summer is useful is for healing all my ski sprains, bruises, and sore/twisted/displaced joints until the next season. Skiing in Michigan is not like in the west where its easy to get excited about. To get excited about skiing our icy, rocky, muddy 200 meter tall hills, you have to really LOVE skiing as a way of life. I adore the ime spent sliding on the snow and resent the summer and sometimes if I dont curb myself, I resent those who bad-mouth winter and snow. Some people just aren't summer people.

I definatly have very strong reverse seasonal affective disorder. winter weather doesn't affect me, but if it is not absolutely sunny and beautiful on a summer day, I will lay over and go back to sleep and mope around all day. I draw my strength from sunlight and skiing I guess...
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