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Dynastar Legend Pro (186 cm) with Salomon 997 Equipe bindings mounted on a 313 mm BSL. Both are in excellent shape.

Skis were used lightly (approximately 30 days). The Legend Pros have no base, edge, or sidewall damage and have the original Dynastar base structure (never been ground). Skis were waxed every use (have at least 30 waxes) and are fast. Edges never filed, only tuned up using diamond stones by ex ski tech. Skis are tuned sharp and ready to go. First year LP sans tip and tail protectors. You won't find a used ski in better shape than these. Perfect everyday ski for W/B or Baker.

The 997s are the DIN 6-14 Equipe model, all metal, yellow and black. Same binding as current 916, but with a lower DIN range. Bindings are mounted flat. Toe wings are NOT stripped.

Skis were drilled for medium Freerides, but plugged before they were used. Only other set of holes is for the 997s.

Located in Richmond or Langley BC.

Dimensions are 124/97/116. Skis are mounted at the recommended point.

Asking $550 CDN firm. Prefer local buyer (no shipping). I'l try to get some photos up tonight when I get back from the office.

Contact me via PM or email @ mike_rempel AT hotmail DOT com. I'll respond ASAP to any questions.