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Advice on Ski Length for My Son...

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my son skied his atomic sl 11.12 skis last year (130cm) and loved them. he's grown a bit, now they only come up to his nose when he's barefoot. he's a good reasonably aggressive recreational skier, doesn't race but can ski most anything with me if conditions are good.

i'm torn between wanting to get another season out of them ($$) versus going up to a 140cm which he will be able to get 2 seasons out of. he's happy either way, but i'd love some advice on sizing for him...keep 'em or trade 'em for longer..thanks in advance.
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That sounds like a fine length to me. My son is 13 and will be skiing his 140's from last year which are maybe chin high , sans boots, this year.
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I'm also in the 'tweener size with my son and according to specs on the short side within his size range. Unless I get a smoking deal, I'm inclined to let it ride through the first of the year and reassess during the season. You can always buy another pair later or stumble into something if it becomes obvious.
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thanks for the advice dads!! i'm inclined to stick with them as they are such great skis (got lucky last year on a deal from a race team) and he loves them. i think he's going to need bigger boots this year though!
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I'm not sure how old your son is and his ability, but in my experiences as a PSIA, it's better to have skis a bit too short than too long. Short skis are easier for kids to turn and allows them to learn proper technique. Longer skis can be more difficult to control and forces kids to muscle the skis instead of learning how to initiate edge control. A length around his nose is fine, I wouldn't recommend anything that goes to the top of his head.
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Good point on length.

The other thing that remains in the back of my mind is that there is some advantages to picking up where they left off for the new season with familiar gear. IMO, it helps with confidence building and getting their 'sea legs' back. I know I get amped up about getting the right stuff before the start of the season, rather than rolling with it for a while and see how things progress before making equipment adjustments. This wait and see attitude offers potential for saving a few bucks, otherwise unnecessarily spent.

Getting the right boots is far more critical than the longer skis.
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If your son was racing with two pairs of skis (not using one pair for dual events), the coaches would probably want his slalom skis to be between chin and nose height. He should be fine this year unless he wants to cruise fast and make big turns the majority of the time.
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If you want to ignore all that good advice -- I have a pair of 140cm Atomic SL9s that my daughter grew out of -- approx 30 days, good shape. PM if interested.
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