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X-Socks, any one own a $47 pair of socks?

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In my quest to find the best ultralight sock, one that has no seams and still has some heat retaining properties, I ran across these babies and just couldn't beleive it. So I was wondering if anyone owned the or would admit to owning them. Could they really be any better than a Bridgedale or wigwam?
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I have a sock fettish..surprise there. If I was rich, I would have a virgin pair of socks for every day. (There I said it, I feel 37% better now). I ain't payin no 47.00 for no socks.

As far as what I ski in, whatever I can find thats thin, one step up from a sock liner. I have skied in my wifes knee high sockings once or twice.
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I fondled them at Gorsuch in Vail last season and came to the same conclusion - how in the world could these socks be worth $50? I didn't wear them, but looked at their materials and construction. They're definitely good socks, but are they the "Mercedes" of ski socks? I guess we'll have to wait to see if anyone has actually tried a pair.
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I have the Ski Carving Silver and Ski Carving Ultralight models. Both models are ultralight ski socks. The Ultralight was the first sock i bought from X-Socks. It was soo good that i decided to try their X-Undergear. The LS Shirt (Energy Accumulator) impressed me so much that i bought the Silver.
IMO the X-Undergear is probably the best underwear on the market. I know it is a very high tech design but it is working. Same goes for the socks.

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I own 2 or 3 of them (ultralight something), bought a couple of years ago.
I don't remember the price but 47$ seems a bit steep. It was probably less than that (in Europe).
Great socks : Thin, comfy (padded in the right places), warm and, most important, keep my feet dry more than any other socks I've tried. I just hand-wash them on the evening and they're dry overnight. They're still in perfect condition.
I don't know if they are Ze Best Socks In The World, but they are the best socks so far I've used for skiing. And the comfort of my feet is important to me when I'm on the mountain.
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I have several pairs of them. I sure hope I didn't pay $47 for hem though. I paid Austrian Schillings, but I don't remember how many or what the rate was.
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I've check le Vieux Campeur site : 30 Euros retail price in France. That's roughly 38$.
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They fit incredibly well- no seams, tight where they should be, relaxed where you don't need the support, wrap the ankle and instep, stay up all day without slipping a bit. Plus, they feel like a new pair of socks every time you put them on. My sock inventory is split 50/50 between the X-sock carving ultralight and the Smartwool ultralight.
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I got some pairs. They're cheaper then Falke in Europe. However did I tell you that they suck outright for me?

Never ever been in such bad socks. All that different material gives you pain when going into very tight plug boots. I stick to Falke.
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OH I got something called snowboard socks, they are inadequate for anything though.
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