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volkl allstar vs nordica mach 3 power need help

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I dont know if anyone has experiance on these 2 skis side by side I could use some help. 1st a little background male,5'8" ,208lbs, expert ,skiing over 33 years,and ski mostly in the east at Hunter Mtn. I had the Volkl t-50 5 star(168cm) and just sold my 6 stars(168cm).I also have a pair of Atomic M-EX's(175cm)for out west. I was looking to go with the new 07 allstars(168cm) ,I also was thinking the Volkl SL racetiger(165cm) which I demoed and they really ripped,but maybe a all mountain ski would be better for day to day use.

At the shop were I have a credit $ they were really impressed with the Nordica's (the red mach 3 power) which cost more,I could go for the extra bucks if it's worth it. They certainly didn't knock the Volkl which they rep as well ,they just were very impressed with this particular Nordica.They also reccomended it in the 162cm instead of the 170cm and the 168cm for the ALLSTAR. This might be splitting hairs but the Volkl might be out of stock soon and can't wait to demo. Any advise would be appreciated!!

If I sell the Atomic's at the ski swap I would go for some Mantra's 170cm vs 177cm for out West any advise on the sizes again?
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It might be hard to imagine, but the Mach Power is more ski than the AS. This may or may not be a good thing depending on your preferences. The Power is stiffer in all directions and is more damp. The Power has a turn shape preference that is more dictated by flex than sidecut. In any given length, it likes to do bigger turns than the AS. I would equate the Power in 170 to the AS in 175 so the comparison of 162=168 is probably valid.

The AS is lighter, and more nimble and is somewhat more versatile in turn shape. In general, the AS is a better ski for most folks. If you want the ultimate in grip and power, then the Nordy is the deal.

FWIW.......I like the Mach 3 Carbon better than either. But I'm old......

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I have not skied the new Allstars, about which I have heard a great deal that's positive. I'm sure SJ is right on in his assessment (as usual!), and will only add that I did ski the Mach 3 Power and Mach 3 next to each other yesterday and wrote them up in this review. It may help your decision process...
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I saw your review and thanks for the input ,I'm not sure what you mean regarding the flex vs sidecut . Since I been sking the Volkl for a couple of years and all the reviews have been excellent I most likly will pick up the allstars. The 6 star was stiffer than the 5 star and I think the allstar would fall in the middle which I think will be higher in the fun factor area which I think made the original T-50 5star so popular. I'll be pulling the trigger this weekend. I hope I sold more skis at the swap.
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I thought the Allstar was a bit above the 6* in terms of performance, including being a bit stiffer.
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I think it is stiffer than th 05/06 allstar due to the titanium but still less stiff than the 6 star or superspeed ,it's supposed to be a little more versatile and hopefully at least as stable. The allstar has a 70 mid vs the 68 on the 6 *. If I get them this weekend I'll post a review when I get to make some turns and I hope its soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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