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Higher Ground review

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I got my copy of Higher Ground last week and I have to say I loved it. Yes, the pieced together WM sentences are a bit quirky but it was fun trying to remember which movie they took the dialog from. The only other thing that was a bit sad was Jeremy Blooms horrible narration. Other than that, it was really good, Typical product placement and plugs but I actually thought the skiing was better in this movie than in recent movies. Much less snowboarding and better photography.
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HG had a few high points. The Heavenly section was OK, but nothing compared to what it used to be. The Alaska think was also OK. It was also cool to see Shane and Seth getting some public face time. Other than that...

I completely disagree. The skiing in WM films has always been sub-par compared to MSP, TGR and even the lower-budget companies. What always more than redeemed WM films for me was Warren's wonderful take on skiing every year. How he kept everying in perspective in the face of the current hype which I always get caught up in and forget that it is all just skiing. I loved his full on narrative and tongue and cheek-don't-take-things-to-seriously sort of outlook. Without all of this, it's just crappy advertising. It so sad to see how quickly the movies have dived. Journey is one of my favorite ski movies of all time.

Higher Ground had a weak, uninspired sound track. I can't believe they have the nerve to advertise it as adrenaline pumping. Whose adrenaline does it pump? While at the same time HG had nothing new or innovative about the skiing or locations. The advertising was disgusting and not in the least bit subtle or cute. Grand Marnier? who drinks and skis? and who are they advertising to? If I were'nt going to keep it for my collective purposes I would give the DVD away. I will never watch it again.
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