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Junior Bindings

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A friend went into a local ski shop looking for bindings. He is 5' 10", 210 lbs and a level 6-7 skier. His DIN is between 5 and 6. The shop recommend Look Junior Race Bindings. The DIN goes to 10.

Is there any downside to an adult using Junior bindings?
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Any thoughts?
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Does he have tiny feet? Usually junior boots fit junior bindings -- adult boots need adult. The toe lugs (is that the right word?) are a different thickness. Adult boots dont work in a junior binding (at least that is what I have been told).

Why was that the binding they wanted to put a 210 lb adult on? Why not an adult binding?
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I'm also 5' 10" and 210lbs, level 7-8 and my DIN settings in Look/Rossi bindings are 8 (I actually have them set to 9) with a 326mm boot length...A DIN setting of 5-6 for some one who's basically the same level and size seems a bit weak, even if you have abnormally small feet.

Junior boots will fit into adult bindings o.k., but not the other way around.
I'm no expert (as others around here will gladly point out: ), but personnally I would RUN from any shop who told me at my size/ability level that they recommend junior bindings w/DIN's set between 5-6.
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High DIN junior bindings are designed for the same boot sole as adult bindings. The top of the line jr race binding is sometimes a real bargain as well. I've used them off and on for years with no problems.

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Most 3-10 Junior race bindings are identical to the 3-10 adult version, and this is the case with the Looks. There's no problem using these, unless you don't like the race colours. No shop would mount bindings on your skis that don't fit adult toe lugs, unless they made a terrible mistake. This stuff is pretty basic. You can be at rest trusting your shop.
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