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ladies intermediate skis?

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i am looking for some advice on buying my first skis. I have narrowed the choice to:
K2 True luv
K2 One Luv
I am 6' and weigh 180lbs, these skis come in 157 - 160 and 167. What length / model ?
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Very different skis. What kind of skier are you? What type of terrain?
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I am a blue run skier, level 5/6, but I am loking for skis to take me to next level. We have moved to Vancouver and I will be doing a lot of skiing this season.
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atomic metron balanze 11!
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At 6' and 180 you have a few things to think about due to the fact that most women's skis are softened/lightened relative to their "men's ski" counterparts. First is torsional rigidity. If you are out of the design center for the ski, you will quickly get to the point where the ski twists out (along its long axis) when you turn. Second is overall stiffness. You don't want to go crazy stiff, but you don't want a ski that will behave like a noodle for you. Finally - there's surface area. If you plan to ski off-piste at all (partly driven by who you are skiing with), you will likely want enough surface area to stay on top of soft snow rather than run your skis deep (although some folks, including some excellent skiers, prefer the latter). A 10cm, or even 15cm, length difference adds some fore/aft stability, but relatively little surface area compared with adding ski width. So if you want a ski that can take you off piste, you may want to consider "fat" - almost certainly fatter than 70 or 75.

FWIW, assuming you are pretty athletic and want to be able to move between on and off-piste, the ski that jumped to mind was a 170 Volkl Aura. I've heard reports of very favorable reactions to this ski at the Snowbasin industry demo day last year. It might be a bit of a challenge at first, but it'd probably take you a long way. Also, things like like the Atomic M:B5 (a number of companies make philosophically similar skis) carry a bunch of surface area for their length, but are super carveable on groomers. You could ski something like that in a 160-165-ish length and retain lots of versatility.

Anyway - don't get stuck on a ski line or model based on reviews or because it is a "women's ski". Figure out what you want to do and get some reliable input about the type and size of ski that will be right for your goals, level of athleticism, aggressiveness, and weight. Unless you are 100% certain you are going to stay 100% on groomers, here in the PNW my guess is that you will want a wider ski than the ones you initially mentioned.

Oh yeah, just for fun you might go Canadian all the way and give the folks at www.priorskis.com a call & see what they'd suggest out of their line -- plus they can custom tweak some things (e.g. stiffen up a specific model for your needs...) when you order.

All this coming from a 200+ pound guy...
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My wife is your size. She bought women's skis, at the length suggested by the distributor. They held her back. She got a pair of high-end mens skis. There was a minor improvement. She finally got a pair of lower end men's recreational carving skis and has not looked back. Well, she has looked back enough to say "never again".

Check the Sport carver category of mens skis in the Skipress mags. Stay away from the High Performance stuff.
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