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front side ski

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any imput here would be greatly appreciated. I have a pure powder ski that i am happy with (apache chief). I am looking for a ski that will carve at high speeds BUT that i can also take through bumps and down narrow shoots..a tall order i know. I'm hoping to pick up an 05/06 ski..but may spring for something new for this year. I'm considering
Dynastar Contact 9 or 11
Volkl 5-Star

any advice??
I ski mostly up at lake tahoe..
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contact 11 is a good front side ski, might also look at the volkl ac3, or if you like your chief how about the crossfire or recon
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I think you should be able to do those things with the Chief's. They rail turns pretty good, the side cut makes them unstable at speed if not on edge but as long as you are turning they can hold some G's. Even though they are kind of medium flex the flat tails tend to hang up in tight places. That could be the reason you loose confidence in bumps and real tight places.

You might look to a ski with about the same dimentions but a simi twin. the tuened up tail on a fatter ski alows you to smear and slide in tight spaces whithout hanging up and getting launched forward.

Other thought is news skis might not get you what your looking for, ski more on the same skis, get better.
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