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Goggles: A Frame or Wisdom

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A simple question to please my hyperactive mind before it actually sees snow in Montreal area.

I'm looking to get some new goggles this season and i'm split between A frames and Wisdoms. I want to know whats to like about both and what everyone thinks of the two.
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They're both really high quality goggles. Both have very high optical quality and good peripheral vision. The biggest difference is really what fits your face best. The other factor is what fits your helmet best. The wisdoms have plastic pieces that kinda stick out connecting the strap to the goggle frame, and can get in the way on some helmets (fit some helmets fine, and there's also a helmet specific strap you can buy as an accessory).

The best thing to do is go to a store with your helmet if you have one, and try them on, see what fits best. After that, it's just personal taste really. You can't go wrong with either really.

I have two pairs of Wisdoms and I love them, and I had a pair of A frames previously. All great goggles. My only problem with the Wisdoms is that on occasion the plastic connecting piece I mentioned will snag on my hood when I turn my head, but it's just a minor annoyance.
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what lenses do you have?
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Copied from my PM for the curious:
I have one pair with the Persimmon lens, which is a good medium darkness lens - pretty good in sunlight, but not so dark that you can't see what you're doing if it clouds over.
My other pair is "Hi-Intensity Yellow" which is a contrast enhancing lens, and it's really great for flat light, fog, overcast etc. Really a night and day difference in terms of being able to make out the terrain in bad lighting conditions. However it's pretty useless when the sun is shining.
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Going through Oakley's site, I noticed that they now have a polarized A-Frame and Wisdom available. Kinda pricey, but for anyone who really doesn't like glare, I guess it would be worth it.
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I have both the Aframes and the Wisdoms. The Aframes seem to be a better fit for a smaller face. Both are very high quality and visually superior. When I wear my helmet, I wear the Wisdoms. In the Spring when it's warmer or if I'm wearing a stocking hat, I wear the Aframes.
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I can't wear the Wisdoms with my helmet. I'd like to though because the A-frames cut off a bit of my view at the bottom.
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The new Wisdoms fit helmets a little better as Oakley has improved the plastic piece. Also, they make a helmet strap. Personally, I've switched to their crowbar after using the wisdom for awhile. The Crowbar fits helmets really well, has the same great lenses, and has great field of vision.
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I have the A-frame and they fit perfect my face (maybe a little problem at the nose, but it's nothing really) and my helmet (i bought them together), although they are not specific helmet goggles. That's why i like them, i can wear them with or without the helmet.
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