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I'm glad they stuck with it.  I wonder how they finally tracked it to this guy?
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More info in the Denver Post today.

Sounds like there are at least two more participants in his killing.  What a bunch of cowards...
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"Witness #7" told police he was at the house to buy methamphetamine in early June 2006 when he saw Bradley there.

"Later, co-suspect #1 told witness #7, 'I killed that guy and if you say anything about it I will kill your wife,' " reads the affidavit.

That should answer your question daysailer..
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I guess only those that knew him best could speculate how likely it would be for him to have ended up at a place like that willingly.  Regardless,  nobody deserves to be killed over .. well any money or property at all.  Seeing that he still had money on him it was likely a dispute of opinions that got him killed. 
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Police arrested a guy they say told them the killing took place during a drugfest.
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Unfortunately my hometown has a drug problem, mainly meth.  The oil patch workers use this quite a bit.  This case was featured on America's Most Wanted several times.  I thought this was going to end up drug-related, but the local detectives always stressed finding the Never Summer Splitboard.  I didn't buy that being the cause of the murder, since it's far easier to steal a board from the base lodge area.
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I will say that Ben's room mates at the time he disappeared were really weirded out when this happened.  When you are hitchhiking, you can't always choose who picks you up. When you pick up hitchhikers the same is true (I don't have a habit of doing this). I had one Aspen local claiming that aliens were replacing people when I gave her a ride to Glenwood Springs, while last week I gave a lift to an extremely drunk coworker from downtown Winter Park down to Crooked Creek Saloon in Fraser.  Hitch hiking is quite common in Winter Park esp when the bars close.

I speculate that some paranoid meth-head blindsided him when he wasn't looking while he was waiting for his ride to continue on towards Jackson.

A guy at Never Summer speculated that the board will never be found.

Rock Springs is a weird town.
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Rock Bottom
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In this mornings JH News and guide, they had a story about the charges being dropped against the meth heads who killed him.

JH Radio had a better story and stated the charges were "dropped without prejudice". It sounds like they did this because some statements made by the two (ostensibly incorrectly collected by the police) couldn't be used.


I didn't know him, but I know people who did.

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That sucks!  I was hoping that they would get caught and abused in prison for many years.  I didn't know him, but we are all connected in a small town like Jackson.  I was always a bit surprised that the police made such a big deal about his custom board.  I always thought that might be their best lead if they kept it a little quiet.  With all the publicity around it, I would think even a retarded meth head would dump it in the sagebrush somewhere.

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Everyone get's what's coming to them somehow, someway, eventually.  These jerks will get theirs too. 

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It was front page news on Wednesday here, but the article was very short on details.  It better not be sloppy police work, although at the pace this case is going, it's not totally unlikely. 


My guess is that they're trying to smoke somebody out.  I hope those dirtbags leave town immediately.

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Shit + other words!!!!!!!!!!! 


I didn't know him either but I do know one of his Winter Park room mates when he disappeared.  She just moved to South Lake Tahoe.


The guys at NS suspect the board is at the bottom of Flaming Gorge.

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