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Just back ...

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... haven't been on for a while, but for the best of reasons: internet access in Tignes, where I have been skiing for the past two weeks, has been sporadic at best.

The key point of the above sentence, for those who weren't paying attention earlier, was the "I have been skiing" bit.

First time on snow for 15 months after the ACL snap/reconstruction that went wrong saga. As far as my physio was concerned, it was pootling up and down green runs just generally reintroducing my knee to the concept.

As far as my trainer was concerned, it was "Yup, he can ski ... drills." And this week was spent running gates.

So, some pain (oh, ok, quite a lot of pain), and occasionally wobbly, but back on snow. Yee and, indeed, har.

Back there on Sunday for another fortnight, then on the plane to Park City on 21 November. By the way, still haven't got anywhere to live there, yet, so any ideas welcome.

Anyway ... it's good to be back, in every sense.
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You're in one piece.
Your knee is in one piece.
You skied!!!!!
You're back!!!!!!
All is right with the world.

Now about finding you a place in PC.
Sorry, I live in the big mitten!
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TC: thanks for the thoughts! I've been floating on a cloud of endorphins and general euphoria for a fortnight.

However, I have to tell you that any more than one exclamation mark is a sign of mental imbalance. Five is commonly regarded as the equivalent of committing yourself to an institution ...
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Well, you know me.........totally committed!!!!!!!!!!!!
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