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How Many ?

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Just going of the thread from earlier. Its summer, give me some credit, I'm bored.
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Next question, "AltaSkier has left off beating his wife - yes or no?" Geez, Alta, you're supposed to let us so-called "legal" types ask the unfair leading questions!
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Hey AC, --Looks like you need to make a 'UTAH' rule for these polls. I'm just guessing, but I think Alta may have 'rigged' his last poll question!!
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Hey! That's the last time you'll get one over on ol' Yuki .......

OK Bears ..... vote now!

Does Alta still wet the bed? ___ Yes ___ No

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Q5 is the most relevant to the poll subject
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I don't understand question 3. What should I answer if I happen to own all-mountain skis in the women's version?

This is nearly as bad as shops that sell 'beginners boots, intermediate boots, advanced boots and women's boots'. But not quite, as there is good reason for a woman to buy women's boots.

(I'm being picky, actually I just own all-mountain skis exactly the same as hubby's except shorter).
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Just wanted to point out that 100% of you think I'm pretty sweet. Alright, I had an extra question to work with, wanted to pad my ego.

yuki, I stopped wetting the bed 3 weeks ago, now I get up and pee in the corner. I'm a big boy!
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For the question "How many skis do you own", you forgot to add the choice, infinite

Who has 30+ pairs of skis?????????? :
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Alta ,you need some PROFESSIOANL HELP
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Originally posted by Bonni:
...Who has 30+ pairs of skis?????????? :
A rep? Somebody with ski furniture? Certainly not me. I'm bad, but not that bad.

Tom / PM
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Others have said it, you need help.

Could I offer my services as a counsellor. My rates are reasonable - you pay for flights, beer, accomodation, beer, food, beer, lift passes, beer, ski lessons, beer, and ground transport.


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11 pairs of skiis. Why would you own 11 pairs of skiis ever. Even if you hoard things you shouldn't have that many. There are laws against it I think unless of course you have you house specified as a museum or I suppose a ski shop but if you are not either of these you really need to stop buying skiis or give some of your earnings to charity cos you are earning far too much baby.
I am assuming that you didn't miss the word pairs in the question of course which would just mean that you have five and a half pairs which begs a whole lot more questions like why keep half a pair and still why 5?

Very very confused and really quite inadequate!
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Perhaps it is Rolf Harris and his fan club:
Jake the peg
Dame Edna
Sir Les Patterson
Paul Hogan
...and Kylie Minogue bringing up the rear. ( )

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What a lousy post this is.
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Well, SCSA, if you're bored, why not liven the forum up with a good thread?

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You haven't seen a lousy post till you've seen the one I'm about to put up...
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And who is the person who regularly uses 11 pairs of skis!! : How many times in a run do you change them?

Hmmm this patch is a little icy - time to switch to my ice carvers, now a mogul - switch to mogul skis, that patch looks a little soft - switch to mid fats, now for a few turns in the trees - time for short fats, and finally a gentle cruise to the lift - easy carvers.
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Originally posted by Bonni:
For the question "How many skis do you own", you forgot to add the choice, infinite

Who has 30+ pairs of skis?????????? :
The only reason I don't have 30+ is I've lost some pair over the years. My count is in the mid-twenties. I have skis I've used or my friends have used going back to the 60s. I keep them for sentimental/historic reasons.

By the way, where did you live when Silver Mountain was your home mountain. I've skied there with my friend who lives in Spokane...its a fun area. Not that I'm paranoid or anything, but whenever I visit the Kellogg area I drink bottled water.
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