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Euro Body Bags: Pics

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We just got back from eight days in Tirol, Austria. Check out what somewhere between 20-30% of all Euro skiers wear at destination resorts like Kitzb├╝hel and Saalbach-Hinterglemm.


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??? they look like normal ski suits to me.
The fluro one will be back in fashion one day...
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How was the skiing?
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I saw a LOT worse than that in La Plagne recently. Not so many during the week, but boy did they come out in their thousands at the weekends.
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Thank you for not showing us what they wear in the hot tubs.
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Normal ski suits??????
Maybe for a family at Vail up from Oklahoma for the week.

It's almost 40 degrees today in Snowmass, classic Spring conditions and I've already spotted a handful of people in 1-peice suits...
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I see heaps of them in Oz, and plenty in the US too. I don't like suits, but people seem to like them. What's the problem...are they out of fashion?
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That's nothing, you should see what they wear in Japan!

Clothing is a personal thing though.

If it keeps the wind & water out it is probably a good thing.
Mind you a concrete water tank would do those two things....
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I chuckle at all the rugged individuals at Alta, rejecting mass consumerism, all in their primary-colour 'technical' outerwear.
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Fashion eludes me. I wear what I want and that's it. In fashion, out of fashion, how would I know? Jamesdeluxe, are you gunning to be the Joan Rivers of EpicSki? You know, someone who has no redeaming social value other than complaining what others are wearing?

It must be the crutches! Get well, get back to skiing. Forget the fashion critic gig.

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The outfits were amusing. What shocks me is nobody mentioned the rear entry boots. I'd be curious to know how many of the one-piece crowd have those.
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Originally posted by Maddog1959:
Jamesdeluxe, are you gunning to be the Joan Rivers of EpicSki? You know, someone who has no redeaming social value other than complaining what others are wearing? It must be the crutches! Get well, get back to skiing. Forget the fashion critic gig.
Insolence! How dare you throw brickbats at my posts!

Here are more!

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Thanks for the memory tickler. It brings back one of my most vivid and scary Euro memories, 300 POUND WOMEN IN SKIN TIGHT LYCRA DOWNHILL SUITS.

Gives the American team jersey idea a whole new meaning! :
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They're out there Keep'in It Real [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Umm... re the 300 lb women in speed suits ... This is not exactly a sight one sees every day. How 'bout some details like "how many" & "why".

If you tell me that they were the grooming team for the tubing runs or the small tree clearing team for the glades, I'll know you are making it up.

Tom / PM

PS - This reminds me - Last Dec, I was in the outside lane of a lift corral and I had a member of this species (albeit in jeans) slowly start drifting towards me from outside the corral. She realized she was slipping, and she simply didn't have the skill to stop herself or the common sense to sit down (although getting back up may have concerned her). Her power to slowly push people out of her way, imobilize skis pinned under hers, uproot the lane dividers at 1 mph, etc. was somewhere between awesome and terrifying. It was like watching slo-mo of the monster-bowling-over-the-tiny-buildings in a '50's Japanese horror flick. The job of stopping her and preventing further carnage fell to me, and I actually had to make contact [shudder]. My kid was just out of her range, doubled over with suppressed laughter. [img]redface.gif[/img]

PS #2 - While not 300 lbs, the one in red appears to be in serious need of canting. About 2 degrees inside should do it. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

[ April 01, 2003, 09:18 PM: Message edited by: PhysicsMan ]
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BWAAA HA HAA!! As I read PM's comments, The Tonight Show is on, and Lionel Richie is singing "She's a Brick House"
Uh oh, politically incorrect female poster on the loose! Watch Out!!!
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I hope the one in red is not being accused of being overweight, because she's not.

This gear still looks like pretty standard ski gear to me. I wouldn't wear it, but lots do.
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What !!!! have fart bags and storm-tropper rear entry ski boots gone out of fashion? :
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Ant, at first I thought you were joking, but it appears you're not. Do you find honestly these Einteiler "standard ski clothing?" About the only time I could imagine wearing such a thing is after a major powder dump. I never, EVER see anyone wearing them in the U.S. (except under the above condition), but then again, I don't frequent destination resorts like Vail, Aspen, or Whistler, and maybe that's where they're all hiding. No judgement from your truly on any of these people; it was rather like exiting from a time machine and finding everyone wearing 20 year-old equipment.

I originally had over 50 body bag pics on my digital camera, but toward the end of the week, I was running out of space on my internal memory, and had to delete many before my flight back. Also, my girlfriend had become alarmed that I had begun brazenly walking up to people and photographing them head-on (instead of waiting for them to turn their backs).

As for my intentions, brought up by the browbeating, fun-hating Maddog, keep in mind that I had to amuse myself in some way to fight off an ever-lurking depression. Remember, I flew eight hours to sit at the top of several wonderful, enormous ski areas and NOT ski. Isn't that like finally gaining access to the greatest, most exclusive restaurant in the world and being told that you can watch, but not eat?

The "woman in red" was not the object of my affections. Actually, the most attractive was the bird in the pistachio jumpsuit at the top of the Ski Welt. She even had nice teeth (for someone from the UK !).
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JD, you naughty boy!
I think you were fancing the Lady in Red,
you took at least three pics of her!
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Yes, it looks like pretty standard ski attire to me. Maybe not at Red Mountain in BC, or Mt McKenzie (also BC), but I see it in Canada, the US and Australia. If I was just looking at your photos without knowing it was a rant about full suits, I'd not notice anything odd.
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Were these all Bogners JD?
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notice most of them are butt shots!!!!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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compared to some of what I saw in Whistler recently those pics are pretty understated !!
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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
She even had nice teeth (for someone from the UK !).
What? Did she take them out and show them to you?

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Hey James DL, as a fellow crutch-bearer, I'll cut you lots of slack for making fun of one-piecers, since I have one that I love (in a tasteful color, of course). I see them a lot on women "of a certain age" (>50?), including myself (>>50).

I'm impressed that you could bear to make that trip and not be able to ski. There's always next year, right? Sitting here in Michigan and watching the reports of late-season snow in the west, my broken heart hurts way more than my broken leg.

Thanks for sharing, and kudos for keeping a sense of humor through it all!
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OK so lots of dodgy 1 piece suits, but at least there were no mullets. How many of you N Americans fall foul to that fashion statement?
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Please hugh, explain to this poor continental what a mullet is, in relation to fashion.
I was only able to find out that a mullet is a fish.
But I fail to make the connection...

[ April 04, 2003, 06:17 AM: Message edited by: Matteo ]
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You're actually quite close. It is a throwback to 80s fashion hairstyles.
If you've been watching the rugby, Ireland's hooker, Shane Byrne, has one.

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Ah, that one. Thanks Fox
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