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Tell me this isn't the sickest video you've seen today. I've never tried kite boarding. Is this guy nuts?
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That video is sick. Seen it on water, never on snow. Good stuff...
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For those interested in kite skiing, go to www.amoka.com, then to kite buggy, then to kite skiing near the bottom of that page, then to download my favorite.
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There is a shop in Frisco Colorado that does kiteboarding. Last year they were set up on the Breckenridge side of Lake Dillon. I think they had lessons, rentals, etc..
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kitesurfing is the future- from brasil
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Kiting is awsome!

I am an avid kiteboarder as well as skier/kiteskier. Yes you can ski with a kite. 3 things Its fun, scary, and very fast. When you kite on snow you need very little power to ride fast (not true for water). I was once kitesking last season with my 11 meter yarga and the wind started gusting to 30 km/h+ I use my carving skis for kiteskiing and my bindings were set on 12 and they couldnt hold the kite anymore and well, my skis blew off and i was dragged a fair ways before i managed to ditch the kite. The only advice i have is deffinately get into it (youl be hooked) and 2 is take a lesson for sure. Water is more fun in my oppinion. check out www.realkiteboaridng.com they have great lessons and they are locating at in my oppinion the best kiting location on the east coast. (Cape Hatteras)
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and yeah Ruben Len10 is amazing! Hes actually a really funny guy as well. (my buddy chilled wiht him kiting in venezuaila)
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bad link for real, come to Cape Cod instead to learn http://www.kitecod.com/default_main.html Pm me for details.
Ruben has been known to cry....
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Definately get into it! I've been kiteboarding in New Zealand for the last 3 years and heading over to colorado to get into snowkiting. The snowkite shop in frisco is called colorado kite force. Beware, it's addictive.

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I've been kiting for 4 years and it's diffidently addictive. I agree with the other guy who said it's more fun on the water. Get into it and get some lessons.

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