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Colorado Snowboarders.?

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just wanted to see if any colorado boarders are here on this forum?
killclimbz i know your one of them, talked with you a long while ago on the lame colorado forum and was surprised to see you here as well. who else we got and has anybody made it to the hill yet?
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i guess nothing but colorado ski people here i take it.?!
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I've been riding since 1988 but in Colorado only since 1992. Been teaching for the past four years. Will be teaching this season at WP. I have about 6 various snowboards including my prized NS Premier. Well, I do ski too.

I saw the post about Bradley. Channel 9 did a story on it last night too. Showed pictures of his custom Never Summer board. Hope they catch the person who did this.

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You could say I have been making to the hill.
Berthoud Pass on Saturday.

^^^You can tell how deep it is by how covered Cody (my pooch) is in the tracks.

and a look at one of the ridges we rode.
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Vail/Summit during the season.

Wyoming 'til next week (the snow here is equally good).
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nice shots

killz- nice pics,looks like you had some nice runs at berthoud.i can see it was deep pow by the way your board was sinking back..

booster- nice carve bro,make sure to get some shred pics of wyoming
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killz- whats the reason for the split board,never red into its use. is it so you can skin into the backcountry? what brand and size you use.?
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Originally Posted by Indatreez View Post
killz- whats the reason for the split board,never red into its use. is it so you can skin into the backcountry? what brand and size you use.?

That is exactly the reason. The board splits into two ski's that you can put climbing skins on. The bindings are mounted onto slider plates that slide over pucks you set the angels on. A pin locks it in place. Slide them off and use the pin to connect them to the touring brackets, slap on the skins, and you're in touring mode. It allows you to cover much more terrain than snowshoes, especially in deep snow. The only way to go for human powered backcountry snowboarding imo.

I use a Voile Freeride 166. I am thinking about getting a Prior or custom Never Summer split this season. Then again maybe another Voile, but the mountain gun which is a little stiffer.

More info can be found at http://talk.splitboard.com/. Yep, I am the boards there too.
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Another CO snowboarder here.
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I was pretty young when I lived in Colorado, luckily I still got to partake in lots of different resorts. Moved and didn't switch to boarding till a couple years in later in Wisconsin. Haven't been back to CO in 15 years! Yikes !!
You guys got it going on, and it should kill me seeing nice conditions but luckily I like where I live even if we only have a little bit of snow on the ground.
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i'll be in steamboat on jan 1st
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I should be visiting a friend of mine who goes to UC:Boulder within the next couple of weeks. I hope to get as much riding done as I can.
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