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Need Help finding something

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Hi All,

I need help finding a set of old school rear entry boots in a womens size 8.5 (25.5 MONDO) she can't fit into anything new without paying a extra $500 for a cutom fitting. Does anyone have any ideas\leads? I looked on Ebay but there was nothing good.

Any help at all would be great.

Thanks in advance
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Out of curiousity, what is there about this person's feet that makes her unable to wear modern ski boots? Custom fittings cost $500? Even taking into account the US vs. CDN exchange rate (as you have your location listed as Ontario) that seems really high, as in lots of work being done.
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Why would you have to pay $500 for custom fitting? Most bootfitters charge nowhere near that amount even if you don't by the boots from them. Many bootfitters don't charge if you purchase from them. Nordica has brought back a variation of rear entry this year, the boot opens like a rear entry but buckles up like a real boot. Avoid old rear entry boots as they put you in bad position.
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She has really musculer calves and she does not fit into any modern style boot that anyone can find. We went out west (Banff) last year and found a guy who could fit her for $500, he was going to take a pair of new boots and drill new holes for the calmps ETC..

She like sher old school boot, although I think they are a size to big and there is no way in hell she was\is going to pay that kind of money, so we are looking for a newer pair of rear entry because hers are packed out.

any ideas?
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A low cuff boot for her calf. A good shop should be able to work with her.
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Yeah you would think,
but we have gone to at leat 6 differn't shops to no avail, my guess is ontario doesn't have good boot fitters. We are maybe going to Quebec (Mont St anne or Owls Head) anyone know of a good fitter out there??
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Not up there. I am no pro, I used to do basic fitting but heel lifts and a low cuff is where I would start. I recall the Lange Anthea line having a lower cuff that was also expandable.

Head to Vermont to a good boot guy at Stowe?
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Have her try the Nordica Beast for women. They work well with wide calves. There is also a low cuff Salomon, but I am not sure of the name.
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the Salomon Irony series
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Also the new Lange Exclusive series....wider forefoot shape than most Langes (and even my old Salomons), and a very low and wide cuff.
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