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Falcon Going Softer

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Currently in xwave 10 and tried on a Falcon 9 (shop had no 10) today. Fit was really nice felt like it was glued to my feet. Slightly lower volume and instep with a really locked in heel hold. Flex of 9 seemed smooth but not as stiff as 10. I am actually debating on the softer boot but am nervous I will not like the flex of the 9 coming from the xwave 10. I have read all the recent posts on flex but still undecided. The guys in the shop all say that softer is not bad but they feel way softer than the xwave. They ordered a pair of 10s for me to try on next to the 9 so I can compare.

Has anyone skied the two??

Oh if only I could demo boots.
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I have xwave 10s and falcon 10's that I am using. I have skied in the falcon 9 although only two runs. It fits wonderfully and the flex is really quite nice. It is softer than your xwave but that isn't inherently bad. It depends on how you ski and what you are looking for. I've put a couple people into the 9 and the feedback from them is great. They all like the responsiveness and actually preferred the softer flex to the 10. Try them on side by side and you will probably have no problem with you decision
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skierhj-- I am a bigger guy and that is why most people steer me away from the softer boot. I am not tall at 5'9 but weigh 250 would say I am an advanced maybe expert, I ski in New York 10-15 days a year and 10-15 days west usually alta/bird. When west I seek off piste terrain do some BC and ungroomed stuff inbounds, when in east it is hardpack groomers causr thats all that is available dont like bumps but will ski them if have to.

I would say I am aggresive and ski fast but not crazy fast.

Is the only diff between Falcon 10 and 9 flex?? Do they fit the same??

Does removing the screws in back of the 10 basically make it as soft as the 9?
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I'm 165 lbs and ski the crossmax 10, the forerunner to the x-wave. I think my Crossmax is soft. How much do you weigh? How do you ski, what type of terrain do you ski. What flex index is on the Falcon 9? Mine say FL100 on the back.

I like being able to put some force back and forth immidiately without having to move the boot too far. Softer boots take a little away from that, but give you back a little cushier ride in the rough stuff, and let you move for balance adjustments a little more freely.
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Ghost-- see above for weight etc

Currently in xwave 10 which I like flex rating is 110 on that boot same as falcon 10, Falcon 9 flex is 90. Falcon seems to be a bit lower volume and much thinner liner to xwave which should transalte to more response. I like the falcon alot from the store fit I am just concerned the 9 might be to soft. I might actually like a softer boot because more range of motion but with out skiing it I am only speculating, just trying to make the right decision.

Also thinking that if I get the 10 it is way easier to soften a stiff boot than vice versa.

Thanks for the help.
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If you're currently in a 10 w/ a flex of 110 and happy, why change? I have the XW 10 as well and can't say it's an overly stiff boot to begin with. The 9 would be way too soft IMO and I weigh 50 lbs less than you, although 5" taller.
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So what are opinions on what is more detrimental to performance for an advanced/expert skier a boot that is to soft or to stiff??
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Check around for a Salomon Course Pro model SC Spaceframe boot from last year. I think the Falcon replaced it this year. Its a low volume boot aswell, 95 flex. Very nice boots. deep powder House at Alta rec. them for my low volume feet.
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I guess I missed the weight. It sounds like what you like is the smaller shell, but you should be able to get that without going to a softer flex. I say forget the 9.
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Does anyone know how the Falcon 9 compares to the Falcon 100 (Jr. race boot) in flex? I know that on paper, the 100 is supposed to be stiffer, but it seems to be considerably softer than the Falcon 10. Is the 9 even softer in real life?
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falcon 10 and 9, only diff in the shell is 2 tnuts to make it stiffer.. Shell is drilled (or at least marked) for adding them

If you find the 9 too soft, add the Tnuts...


100jr will be a bunch softer then the adult 9. flex numbers are not the same from Jr to adult
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If you are 250 and strong I would probably say go with the Falcon 10. If you need/want it a little softer without going all the way to the Falcon 9 you can have the inner cuff trimmed or the screws pulled. You can easily make the10 softer if need be.
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Pulled the trigger on the 10 last night in a 28.5. Did not feel as stiff as the xwave 10, but the flex felt much more progressive. The one interesting thing was that the 10 shell was 326 and the 9 shell was a 324 yet the shell fit seemed the same, is this a result of thicker plastic in the 10??

They did not have a 27 to try and I only had about 1-1.5 fingers in the heel in the 28.5-- do you think I could have squeezed into a 27???
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One to one and a half fingers is probably a good fit unless you are racing. The 27 and 27.5 are the same boot and liner. The difference is the insole.
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