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Filled the gap? Volant Machete G

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I think I may now have a complete eastern quiver. And heeding advice that perhaps I should slow down, I did not buy a modern SG race ski. I got a shiny status symbol mid-fat (for 2002) cruizer ski instead. I was back in the neighbourhood that I had seen that Machete, so I stopped in and bought myself an early Christmas present. I msut be deslxyic; the price was 98 cannuck bucks, still a bargain.

Being somewhat influenced by VA, I now have myself a 190 cm Volant Machete G. It looks like the 2002 model. A quick and dirty in-store measurement with an imperial tape measurement and multiplying inches by 25.4 puts the dimensions at about 107mm-70mm-95 mm guestimate 22 m turn radius. I'm guessing they will give me that smooth cadilac ride making some longish turns. Judgeing by their heft, they shouldn't be botherd by heavy snow/slush or crud. They should also be good for doing some off-trail stuff too. A little more versatile than a racing GS ski, me thinks.

These will be a real challenge for me to ski without bindings though. I don't think they will be allowed on the hill without brakes or leashes, and I need somewhere to attach the ski leashes to anyway. What bindings should I consider for these?
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Something light, like an Alium or Ti.
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You should be able to pick yourself up a pair of Salomon 912 ti or 810 ti bindings for a song on the web. Either of these should fill the bill.
Of course, Volantaddict may have some suggestions.
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Congratulations. The Machete G is an excellent EC ski.
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LOL, right now I have a size run of Powerkarves in the garage...173, 183, 193.
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Congratulations Ghost on a great score! : Since you like bombing the hills at high speed (and don't have a tendency to make itty bitty turns) I'm sure they will be a great ski for you. You will be crushing the crudiest slopes with aplomb and loving it, as crud is to a Volant (the US versions at least) as the briar patch is to brer rabbit.

Personally, I'm not one to try to make my alpine skis lighter, I like them heavy, and my binding choices tend that way (I'm putting s900 Equipes on my 190 Ti Chubbs) however, the s900 Carbons and Aliums are both good bindings which are pretty lightweight, and pop up on ebay, for not too much, periodically.
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It's finally time to part with my Machete mcg's 197cm. i am 6'2'' 205 and am looking for something comnparable. Any recommendations? something lively in the bumps and good in the steeps like the old mcg's? I've heard good things about the volkl AC4's? what you guys think? thanks
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any more of those Machete's at the shop, preferably in a size of the 180-183ish variety? (maybe even 175-178ish)

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