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Alta Trail Question

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My question is about the High Rustler trail at Alta.
Do you have to hike to get the head of this trail??
If so, how's the hike??
Looks a trail we will have to ski come the 1st week of March.
Looks great!!
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There is a long traverse from the lift, and the entry to High Rustler can be a little dicey depending on the snowpack, but there is no hike. Yes, it's a great trail.
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I think you actually have to sidestep up just a few steps to get to the very top, which as bbinder points out is usually a little rocky, or you can traverse right in and miss the first 2 or 3 turns. Standing at the top of HR and looking down at the lodge between your tips is one of the classic views in american skiing.
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Thanks guys.
Sounds like a sight to behold.
Look forward to it.
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traverse in, the rocks on the top are drop able.
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Unreal trail!

Fortunate to hit it on a quiet day with unexpectedly deep snow in a blizzard last year. It is the classic its reputation would suggest! Also, if the conditions allow, make the hike once to Main Chute on Baldy. It's worth it just to stand up on top, legs shaking from the climb. I can't WAIT to go back in '08.
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