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Photo TR: Loveland (10/28) with cgeib & bong

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Headed up to Loveland this morning to make some turns with cgeib and bong. Left my house around 7 but traffic was very light. Met up with cgeib and bong in the cafeteria. bong forgot his voucher and had to go back to his place, so cgeib and I geared up and hit Chair 1. It was a beautiful bluebird day and the views were just spectacular.

View of the south side (Chair 8 is on the right edge) from Chair 1:

Potentially poached tracks under Chair 1:

Chair 9 and the Ridge from Chair 1 (you can see the groomed path down the middle):

We hit Catwalk/Mambo/Home Run. The snow was great. Very soft all over, with no scraping sounds. Went up Chair 2. Hit either Royal Flush or Straight Flush (skier's left). The snow was pretty hard with small bumps.

Rendezvoused with bong once he arrived - took Chair 1 and hit Richard's Run. And man was it sweet! Just the perfect pitch with nobody one it to really open it up. And the snow was soft, so you could really lay those edges over. Made some runs off Chair 2. Fire Bowl and Drifter were nice and interesting -- the cats had left some interesting dips, rolls, , bumps, and ledges all over. You had to be on your toes to not get launched out of control. Fire Cut was still closed with lots of powder on it. Patrol finally dropped the rope on it, and we hit it. The snow was actually quite heavy, and getting used to it was quite interesting. :

bong on Fire Bowl:

Home Run was in superb shape all day. Nice soft snow providing great edge grip. Rode Chair 6 and hit Blackjack - it had nice small, soft bumps. Kept doing laps off Chairs 1, 2, and 6.

cgeib on Fire Bowl:

We never hit any lift lines during the whole day. We pretty much skied right onto the chair (maybe behind one or two people). Later in the morning however, Fire Bowl and Home Run started getting pretty crowded.

We hit Nix Nox right before lunch. The bumps were a decent size with lots of little trees and bits of grass sticking out. It totally kicked my butt. I still didn't have bumps dialed in. At lunch we met up with a couple of bong's friends and headed up Chair 2 again.

cgeib and bong on Chair 2:

bong's friend Greg on Chair 2 above the tracked out Fire Cut:

Chair 9 looking delicious:

Made one run off Chair 2 and decided it was too crowded. There were some nice looking bumps on Roulette so we hit Chair 6 and made several laps on it. Slowly bumps started coming back to me in bits and pieces. We made one thigh-burning lap on Richard's Run before I had to head home.

It was truly a great day. Perfect bluebird sky, good soft snow, minimal crowds, and above all, great company. To my delight, my turns started coming back to me. For those of you Front Range residents who haven't skied yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. Conditions are superb. Other than Spillway, we never hit any scraped off or skied off patches. There are groomers, bumps, and even trees (!) to be skied.

Looking forward to some more great turns and great company tomorrow!
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Thanks for the pics as usual. Can't wait to get out next weekend - for now I'm down in Florida bakin' in the sun...
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great to see the pics and glad you guys enjoyed your day. wish i was their. maybe nextweekend. lets pray for some more powder.!
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pouched #1trail tracks.. i know the other day skipatrol was letting people rip down that trail all day to help pack it down,i take it was closed today?
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Looks awsome!
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Great Shots and nice ski form!

How deep would you say the base currently is?
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Enjoy it guys , nice way to start a season .
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Originally Posted by Captain_Strato View Post
Great Shots and nice ski form!

How deep would you say the base currently is?
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did anyone notice the poor kid with the "reigns" on?? haha, i'm glad my parents never made me do that.
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Nice job gentlement; although, I am getting tired of seeing snow only in Colorado. You certainly got the big jump on the season this year.
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Condo's booked. I'm there on Thursday!
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Excellent photos and sure does whet the appetite...
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