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Hip Pointer

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I did a hip check on the White Ribbon of Death about a week ago, resulting in a hip pointer. It created a huge bruise, but it doesn't seem to affect walking and is not TOOO painful in normal activities around home. So far I have been treating it with ice, naproxin sodium (Aleve) anti-inflamatory, and an Arnica gel which is supposed to fade bruises, and reduce pain and inflamation. I am interested in what other people's experience has been with this kind of injury.
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Sorry I didn't get to this earlier. I've been teaching an instructor certification this weekend, so my mind has been preoccupied.

Last year at ESA, someone had a similar incident that involved an intimate encounter with a tree. In his case, it resulted in a bruise of the thigh. Continue with what you have been doing to treat it, and modify it until the swelling goes down. Good luck!
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Thanks LM! It doesn't seem as bad as it first appeared to be based on the huge size of the bruise, which is basically hip to knee. My doc says it takes about 6 weeks to heal, but that I don't need to curtail any normal activities. I'm staying off the skis until this Sunday, after that I expect to be good to go.

The fall was something I didn't even think about at the time. I must have tipped over onto one hip or the other a few hundred times over the years without any consequences. It serves as a reminder to pay closer attention on the flats - that's the worst place to fall.

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