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Crested Butte Christmas

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I am skiing Crested Butte this December 18th-27th. Advertised as "Colorado’s Best Corduroy" but boasting Extreme Limits also. I am unsure whether to rent a pair of Gotamas/Mantras and not bring my P40's. The Goats and Mantra's will suffice for the groomers but will also allow me to play in the woods and off piste. Or should I take the P40's (check out the terrain and snow) then rent if needed???? What is the snow like at that time?
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depends on whether we have had snow or not. I'd say bring your p40s. You should, however, check where you might be able to rent some Mantras -- it has been difficult to find shops renting that gear, although perhaps not at CB. I tried to rent some Mantras last year at Copper and they had none -- and nothiing in a wider ski, hence the reason that I've got a pair of 184 Mantras in the garage now.

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Last December there was great snow at CB - I was up there the 25th-30th. Most, but not all, of the extreme terrain was open but coverage was pretty spotty on the steeps. You should anticipate spending the bulk of your time on piste unless they get some huge dumps right before you go.
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Thanks for the help, I appreciate it greatly. I'm looking forward to this trip; in the mean time I might as well search for a "bargain" on the mantras or goats!
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It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that the Extreme Limits will be open at Christmas/New Years. Maybe a 20% chance open.

The base needs to be 60-70 for opening -- and Crested Butte does not reach those levels until mid/late January.

Why don't you bring the Volkls and rent as needed? You will know conditions the week before you get there.
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