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That title should get a little attention .

I just started the fix-up on the new condo in winter park, and I could really use a strong back for about an hour late tomorrow morning (that would be Saturday the 28th) - so if any of the WP bears know of a kid up here (think older teenager who can do a little heavy lifting) who could use an extra $20 for about an hour of work - have them give me a call: 970-standard winter park prefix-6887 (there's no answering machine, if I don't answer I'm out getting a bite to eat, or out hauling tools in - I'll basically be in all night and morning though. That was a long explanation, short one: if I don't answer, call back).

Hoping I don't have to hump all this tile, cement board and cabinets myself...


PS: Why do I always forget the golden rule of remodelling anything: if it's hideous and coming down, it's built like fort knox.