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PCMR got 4", Alta 4", Powder Mt 4" all so far. Should be a few more inches this morning, then more Thursday, but probably of similar amounts.

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Hang in there, my Magic 8 ball says your dry spell is over. Colorado is reporting anywhere from 1"-19" today with more on the way! To bad its colder then the Brass Monkey next few days!
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15" at the Beav

I could not believe it..8" overnight on Tues then heavy snow all day yesterday for an official 15" in 48 hours-

cold smoke face shots..and zero crowds all day Wed..

looked like it was snowing up Valley again when I was doing my sampling rounds today (whoah some times we get do get the goods!!) that cutoff low mated perfectly with the cold air from the front from the N.
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all in all Colorado has sounded pretty good this year
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Yo, Powdr! How about an update. Just curious how things are stacking up.
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Beaver Creek is reporting 10" today, I think they lead Colorado in Pow days.Too bad we have a company meeting at 2pm so that counts me out!
Looks like its going to be a Good weekend for Skiing across the Nation!
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Vail only got 6". I know this is heresy, but I think I will take advantage of the convienent ride up to Vail from my wife (no parking issues) and hit Vail today over BC..all that terrain on a midweek day is very beckoning as well.

Nice and cold too..we got several inches in Gypsum @6600'
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The Best week in the West right now!
Hope somebody is taking pictures?
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Originally Posted by Mr. Vertical View Post
The Best week in the West right now!
Hope somebody is taking pictures?
Just got back from Powder Mountain, Utah about 2 hrs. ago. I'm downloading lots of photos to my computer as we speak!

It was a great week. Lots of fresh deep powder, although pretty heavy stuff (by Utah standards) on a few days. I'll post some pics to drool over later.
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