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Digital Camcorders

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Finally beat the old super-8 to a pulp last June at Whistler, so I'm in the market for a digital camcorder. Anyone have any recommendations for a MiniDV camcorder that's not too price, good picture, and can handle days out on the slopes in the backpack, etc.??

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Hi FD--

I'm not up on the latest models, but most any miniDV camera will take great pictures, especially for video. If you want great stills too, look for one with "progressive scan" mode as an option. The video in this mode isn't as smooth, but the stills are about twice the resolution of regular video stills. (Though stills from regular DV can be pretty good anyway, and even progressive scan stills are nowhere near the resolution you'd get from a decent digital still camera).

I'm still very happy with my Sony TRV-900. It's a medium-sized camcorder with 3 CCD's and progressive scan mode. There are much smaller mini DV camcorders out there, but mine continues to impress me with its image quality.

Remember too that if you want to edit video on your computer, you'll want to make sure the camera has an IEEE 1394 port ("Firewire" or "I-link"). I suspect that most of the current models have this, but it is worth checking.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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I bought a Sony TVR-520 Digital camera (Digital 8 format) and love it. I had a Sony Analog Super 8 camera before that and discovered something wonderful: You can play your old analog movies on your Sony Digital Camera!

The best part is that you can then take that analog video and digitize it onto your PC for storage or burning onto a CD. Very nice surprise.
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Funston- I recently bought a JVC90U, about the smallest Mini Dv recorder you can find. Takes still shots, too. Retails around $15-1600, but I found it on www.buydig.com for $634! It was top-rated by Consumer reports.
The quality of the reproduction is amazing, even in low(ish) light. I intend to use it for my teaching this year, it is so easy to carry. Hope this helps.
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Thank you all for the tips. I too am considering the JVC 90U. I'm trying to confirm that it has analog in, which would let me do what KevinH liked about the Digital8 format -- converting old analog footage to digitl, but still get the great compactness of the mini DV.
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have you checked out this page?


no personal investment although I wish I had one.

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I have the same camcorder that Bob B has, the Sony TRV 900. I have had it for almost 2 years and have had no problems. Great piece of video equipment. Very smooth slo-mo.
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Thanks, Ryel. That's a great link for researching this stuff.

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