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Sweet. Post pix.
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Originally Posted by duke walker View Post
your obsession with bicycle weight is misplaced. before you waste a lot of money to save a few ounces, check out some of the aero studies done for triathletes , like john cobb, etc. the difference in times between a 20 # bike and an 18# bike for 100 miles is far less than minute changes in body position.
My Bianchi Volpe weighs 7 pounds more than the Orbea Onix (which comes in at 18 pounds with pedals attached), and the Onix is much stiffer. It has better components. It has a compact crank. It's WAAAAAAY more responsive. and it cost less than half as much as the Orbea Orca (the true dream bike which was this close to better than sex). It's aerodynamically not too shabby. It feels great to ride. I like it. Misplace my a$$, I'm buying it.
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Stiffer how?

Test TR, please!

Including if possible,
wet braking,
and downhill cornering in a wheelchair switchback at an overpass

EDIT: anyone remember that review of 6 identical Mondonicos with nothing but tubing differences?
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If I were spending $4,000 or $5,000 on THE and I mean THE bike, then maybe I'd do all that. I'm spending about three times as much as my Volpe cost brand new and less than half of the lightest stiffest bike in the Orbea line. I want to experience the bike, not just test it. I'm just getting into this game, and I know for an absolute fact that riding the Onix is WAAAAAY more fun than riding the Volpe. I'm ready to take the huge risk of buying the Onix. If I still love it all that much in a year, then maybe we'll get married. Otherwise, I salivate over the prospect of going through this all over again finding the next wife. uh, BIKE! I MEANT BIKE! You know that.

P.S. I've already put down a deposit for half of the cost.
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Did you buy an Euskatel-Euskadi jersey too? If not, you'd better include that.
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How many grams?
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40% fewer if you ride unzipped like Mayo.
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Orbea Onix TDF arriving late this week or early next. Full report on shoes, pedals, cyclocopmputer to follow. I have not the slightest worries whether the valleys in Vermont will be rideable, and I'm ready for cold and wind. Can't wait!!!
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