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Upgrading from Fischer RX2's

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Hi everyone,

I am in the process of upgrading to new skis from my Fischer RX2's. Obviously, just about anything would be an upgrade. I am an East Coast skier, mostly stay on grommers, with occasional jaunts off piste. I tend to divide my time between blue/blacks/double blacks. The RX2's just were just too flabby to be skiing alot of those trails. After talking to my local shops/soul-searching, I've decided that I'd prefer to get a pair of skis where I can further my growth as a skier.

I don't however want a pair of skis that are too intense, i.e. RX8's, because I don't feel my current skills are able to handle them. So I am looking to upgrade to skis that serve intermediates-advanced skiers. I'm looking at the Fischer RX6, Fischer AMC 73, Blizzard CMX 10 iQ, and Atomic Izor 7:5m. Does anyone have any input on which is better? I've heard lots of great things about all 4, especially the Blizzards and Fischers from two of my local ski shops.

Thanks in advance.
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SierraJim is running a killer deal on Fischer RX6's from last year

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I couldn't tell you which is better, that will depend on you and what you like.
For eastern skiing on firm snow, the Fischer RX6 and AMC73 are both good choices. The 73 is wider, which you might like if you have the chance to ski some powder or crud. On hard snow, the RX6 may have a slight edge (no pun intended). The Izor is a good all around ski which one of my freinds who is an Atomic rep really likes as an everyday ski. Don't know anything about the Blizzard.
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The Fischer RX 6 would definitely be a significant step up from the RX 2 but still a forgiving enough ski with enough packed into it to really allow you to improve. With a 114-68-98 sidecut it's a strong frontside ski while still being fairly versatile in other than groomed east coast conditions. Helluvaskier and others have posted some favorable comments or reviews on the RX-6 here. Both the RX-6 and AMC 73 have done quite well across the board in the magazine reviews. The Fischer RX--6 would be my choice for skiing mostly east coast "packed powder" conditions (in the PNW, eastern packed powder would be called "ice" by many). Sorry, I'm not familiar with the Atomic Izor or Blizzard ski that you mentioned but others here probably are.
Good luck.
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I have skied the RX-6 and the AMC 73 quite a bit. Both are terrific bang for the buck skis (can't speak to the other two). The RX-6 is a bit grippier and more energetic, while the AMC 73 is wider and more damp. Two other really good skis in this range are the Nordica SUV 10 and 12. The 10 is a similar performance range to the two Fischers, while the 12 is a near-expert level ski. (similar in capability to the Volkl 5* from '05-'06)

Here are links to the two Nordicas.



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Thanks for the replies, I'm leaning towards the RX6's and Blizzards at this point. Now I'm going to wait to demo them at Okemo.
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