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Recon or Dynastar 8000 for my needs (Colorado skier - details inside)

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My profile:

28 yrs old
5'11" - 165 lbs.
2nd year skier
Level 7 and improving (I take a lot of lessons)
I ski in Colorado exclusively - variety of conditions

My needs:

1. Something that I can grow with but isn't necessarily too much ski for my current ability either.
2. Something which won't punish mistakes too badly (not too stiff - especially at my weight).
3. Something which won't wear me out by the end of the day.
4. Something that handles a variety of Colorado conditions well.

I was thinking Dynastar 8000 (172cm) or Apache Recon (174cm)


Thanks a ton!
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Both would suite your stated needs very well.
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Both of these skis would fit your needs, and are good choices for where you ski. The real difference between these skis is personality (feel) and not performance, so it's really personal preference as to what you choose.

I think one thing worth some thought though is your choice of size. I think for the 8000, your choice of size (172cm) is right on the mark. K2 skis run a little long, however, as compared to Dynastar, and some other models as well. For example, if I stand my 184cm 8000s next to a 181cm Recon, they're pretty much equal length. Also, the 8000 skis a bit shorter than Recon, I think due to the slightly turned up tail of the 8000.

What I'm getting at in an around about way is that I think size wise, you'll find that the 167cm Recon will compare more favorably to the 172cm 8000, than the 174cm will. The 174cm Recon will ski more like a 178cm 8000.

I hope this helps.
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I am possibly a little better skier than you, not much, and 20 years older. I demo'd the 8000 and 4800 (I think that is the "lower" Dynastar model #)
in Jan at Breck and really liked both, was hard to discern any difference between them. So if you like them and the 4800 is a lot cheaper, go for it. I am 6' 170#.

The reason for responding is I demo'd both in the low 170 length, which were good. Then I went and tried the high 170 length in both skis. Whoa, way different in a bad way, at least for me. So my recommendation is the low 170 length in this model ski.

Would have bought them but got great deal on Atomic M9's that sealed the deal for that ski, which I liked as much as the Dynastar's. The 8000 was very hard to get for me at less than $500 without bindings, and I got the M9's with Neox bindings for $375 delivered to my door. Perhaps you can do better now, and again, the 4800 model is a really good ski also IMO. Good luck
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Both skiis will work wonderfully. However they feel different underfoot so your choice should be based on what you like(or think you would like) in a ski.

The Dynastar to me (5'6" 140) was light, agile, and easy to ski. A very user friendly and unintimidating ski. What it lacked was some shoulders to bulldoze through muck for me.

The K2 167 and 174 felt liked it railed better on edge, and plowed through slop better. This ski feels a lot more damp and stable compared to the Dynastar. However it also felt a bit heavier.

Good luck.
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I happen to own both those skis. 174 K2 Recon and 172 Dynastar 8000. I bought a 172 8000, due to a knee injury. I wanted a lighter ski. Something that would be easy on my knee. The 8000 is a lighter crisper feeling ski. I would call it playful. The Recon is better in crud, They like most K2 skis are damp. The K2 isn't as good in bumps as the 8000. Both are very good skis. You really can't go wrong. Buy the one you can get the best deal on.
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Thanks guys. I can get the 8000 in a 172 brand new for under $500 with the manufacturer recommended Look PX 12 bindings. Deals on the Recons are hard to come by and would therefore cost me a good $300 more.

Now while I'd LOVE to save $300, the savings isn't really a savings if I buy the wrong ski and have to upgrade sooner than later.

Unfortunately, I haven't skied either, and my window of opportunity for the deal on the 8000s is very short, so, I have a couple more questions...

1. Is the 8000 as forgiving as the Recon? I'm still improving and don't want something punishing me for my mistakes constantly.

2. Is the Recon significantly better in powder/crud or only slightly? I don't want something that loses stability easily when I get off the groomers and hardpack, so I need to make sure the 8000 isn't going to do so.

I think that's about it. Thanks again!!
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I have only used the Dyn skis. I am about a 7/8 skier. I thought the 8000's were the best ski I used. Really liked them in 172. Felt it was very forgiving of poor form, and light feeling afoot, hence easy to correct "mistakes", not that I ever make them!!!!

I demo'd them in Ohio "snow" which is all man made and significantly "cruddy"!, and at Breck. I didn't once feel the 8000's weren't up to the task and never had a problem edging them thru crap and ice. I would have bought them if I could have got them for the $500 you are looking at with bindings.
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Lets see I would give the recon a slightly better rating for skiing crud over the 8000 The 8000 has a better fel for Powder. For a wide ski It also has much better manors in the bumps.For skiing groomers I give the recon a slight nod for speed but over all I would rather be on the 8000. Over all I think the 8000 is a fun ride. My vote would be save your money get the 8000.
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Save the $300 and buy the Dynastar.

I've skied both at those sizes and its virtually the same ski with a change in feel. The only way you are going to get a better grasp on the nuance of the difference in K2 and Dynastar feel is by skiing a lot of K2 and Dynastar skis. It is highly unlikely you will find the K2 or Dynastar $300 better than the other at anything.

I'd actually recommend the 4800 as being an easier ski to improve on if you can stand skiing on a lower number ski. It will be easier to get on edges, more forgiving, and responsive at slower speeds while still being able to support you as you start getting more of each. The 6mm difference in waist width between the 8000 and 4800 is not going to change the powder experience very much for you. Anything wide enough to do that is going to make learning good technique harder to experience at applicable speeds.
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Your deal on the 8000's is a good one and you won't be disappointed in the ski.
If you decide to look at the 4800, which will not have the same powder capabilities but will be slightly easier to ski on the groomed and at slower speeds, know that there are constantly great deals on this ski on ebay.
Bear in mind that the ski hasn't changed for the last 3 years, so an older model is just as good as the newer one.[Same goes for the 8000].
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