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Replacing Legend 8800s

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I'm 5'10" 155 pounds and currently ski the 178cm Legend 8800s. I blew out an edge so I'm looking for a new ski. I ski everything but really like the tight trees. I also want a ski that's good in crud. Any suggestions? I've looked at the Seth or Mantra. I may try the Legend Pros or the Gotama, but I think those might be too stiff.
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I ski in Colorado if that matters.
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What don't you like about the 8800? What do you like about it?
Why do you want to change?
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I ski in Colorado (mostly) and have a pair of Legend Pro Riders. For almost anything off-piste they are the best skis I have ever owned. They do not do well, however, in moguls or tight trees. If the 8800s worked well in tight trees and moguls for you, you might consider just getting a new pair of 8800s. The Legend Pros are definitely stiffer. I just bought a new pair of Contact 11s that I tried at A-Basin last weekend, and really liked them. They are less of an off-piste ski than the 8800s, but look to have sufficient width to be at least serviceable under off-piste conditions. They have the advantage of being highly maneuverable and very quick. Apparently Dynastar's entire stock of Contact 11 skis for the 2006/2007 season has already been shipped to retailers, and no more will be supplied by Dynastar for the rest of the season.
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If in Denver and you want to get your blown edge fixed, you might want to check out this thread:

They did a beautiful job on my edge blowout.
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I like my 178 8800's, but I love the 194 LP's. The 194 LP's require a bit of speed to come alive, so they may not be the best for really tight trees. But maybe the new 176 would work well for you, especially if you mostly ski the front range?
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178 bros?
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Head MOJO 90


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Big Troubles!
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
178 bros?
2nded, once i get the $, im definitely going that way b/c of the great customer interaction/service and it fits my needs perfectly.
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
178 bros?
Are the bros available for demo in Colorado? I like that they are relative straight.
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post on TGR, lots of folks in that area with them.

they are 30ish turn radius?
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Another Bro Vote

The 179 would be an exelent upgrade to the 178 8800.

Very much the same feel but more power and control than the 8800.

Photo from the PM Gear website

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If you want another pair of 8800s I have a brand new pair that I could sell you.
PM if you are interested.

If not, I will give another nod to the Bro.
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I may take you up on the 8800 offer. Let me think about it.

Is it possible to get the bros without waiting 50 days? I'd like to ski sooner than that.
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Originally Posted by andy1983 View Post
I may take you up on the 8800 offer. Let me think about it.

Is it possible to get the bros without waiting 50 days? I'd like to ski sooner than that.
I would E-Mail PM Gear and ask them. I know they are running late with ski's ordered over the summer. I think the skis will be getting delivered
in early November. I think once they are pumping them out the door new orders would be pretty imidiate? But you should shoot an Email and ask.
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Andy sounds good, just let me know.
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I have a pair of 8800's and I'm not crazy about them. Last winter we had a couple of weeks of heavier than normal snow and they were really great, but in the light fluff I wanted more width. I'm replacing them this year with the Mantras in 177 (great ski) and the 179 Bros which I haven't actually skied yet.
I liked the Head 88's better also, they have a big fat shovel that likes the deep stuff. The legend Pro comes in 176 this year and, flexing it in the shop, feels slightly softer than the Mantra. It's a sweet flex, softer than the bigger LP's and I'll bet it fills in all the blanks the 178 8800 left...
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