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My Apology to Snowbird Patrons

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Both times I set my alarm to wake up early for a day at Snowbird (last Friday and Today), the canyon has been closed for avalanche control. Sorry guys. I guess it's me. I'd stop, but I have a season pass. Someday I'll actually get to use it... I hope!
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I'd rather be eating breakfast at McDonald's and missing epic pow than be burried under it on the road. See you in the tram!
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Please don't set your alarm for 10:00 tonight!
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ALTAskier, I have to agree with you again. I is better to ski on another day then to never ski again. You don't truly gain a respect for an avalanche until you lose a friend in one.

If they close the canyon for avalanche control on the best day of the year, I'll wait until I get the OK.
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The road up LCC is the most Avolanch prone road in The U.S. that is open all year.The work They do to keep that road open is amazing.By the way there has been only one death on the road due to avolanch and that was a snowplow Drive back in the 1950's.If you can't get up the Canyon Come on over to the Wasatch back.I've been getting so great powder at Park city and The Canyons.Found some knee deep Tuesday morning at the Canyons.Ah life is good :
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Have any of you guys noticed that LCC and BCC to a lesser extent have been closed pretty much every morning for control work?

ALTApig, sorry to hear that you lost a friend in a slide. I gained a new respect when I was caught in a small sluff (not slab, thank god) and burried last year in April, off the Wildcat lift (inbounds). It was the scariest 5-10 minutes of my life! I even lost some equipment that was not recovered until this August. Slides are no joking matter.
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Looks like I did it again. That was me this morning. Sorry.

On another note... 2 of the 3 times I've been to Snowbird, the entrance 1 lifts haven't opened on time. Today I was told they wouldn't open until 10:15. Since I was only planning on skiing until 11:30, I packed it up and called it a day.

Does this happen often? Should I expect this all the time? Or is it a result of the massive amounts of snow we've had over the past 2 weeks. I'm beginning to regret my purchase of a season pass. I keep getting to the canyon (or all the way up to the resort), then turning around and going to Brighton and having to pay to ski. I haven't even used the pass once, even though I've set out to ski Snowbird 3 times.
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Hey Drooling Dog, move on to entrance two. Other parts of the mountain should be open. I heard a rumor that Snowbird let a bunch of employees go before we got the snow (and lots of it, nearly 18 feet at Alta already), now they are understaffed. This may have something to do with late openings of lifts. But I'm not one to gossip, so you did not hear that from me.
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Drooling Dog, if you feel that you have made a bad investment by purchasing a Season Pass. You should go to the Director of Skiing at "The Bird". Maybe you can get your money refunded. I don't think so, but it is worth a try. But, you will miss out on the next 4 or 5 months of skiing. :
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I was at Snowbird on Friday morning and it was screwed! Very slow to open lifts and then they never openned the cirque traverse.
I heard same thing happened on Sunday, I was
at Alta and it was GREAT!
Show Snowbird managment your displeasure,
ski Alta.
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I skied Snowbird on Saturday and had a great time! Cirque was open when I got up there, which was later in the morning, but it looked as if it had been skied all morning. I was there for the rope dropping for the chutes along Gadzoom chair and got some nice freshies for an hour of so, many first tracks in areas for the first time of the season. Its a big mountain, be patient young grasshopper...

Snowbird is a great mountain, with sometimes long (10 minute) lift lines, and great snow. Give the patrolers time, its your safety.

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Yes, Saturday was good at the Bird, I was on first tram. But Friday they only openned Wilbere at 9:15-9:30, Gadzoom around 10:00
and Little Cloud around 10:45. You get several hundred people standing in each of these lines because they are the only lifts open and it SUCKS! If they would have openned the Cirque, I wouldn't be bitchin,
but skiing on Regulator from 10:45 till 3:45
gets old when you know they had a lot more terrain open at Alta.
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Thanks for the update SHREDHEAD. I'm hoping others will continue to post them. I'd really like to spend some time on Mid-Gad my first time up.
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