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Planning a family (two kids 7 & 12) vacation to Steamboat after Christmas thru New Year's. Beside skiing, which we plan on doing 2 maybe 3 days, what else does the area have to offer, such as points of interest, shopping (for the non-skiing wife), dining, lodging, etc. Any info or websites would be greatly appreciated.
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Stawberry Park hot springs is a must do, though it is clothing optional after dark and not necessarily good naked either

There is dog-sledding, sleigh-ride tours with dinner (there are several outfits which offer this), snowmobiling, cat-skiing, and I have always seen hot air balloons when I've been there.

Can't help you with the shopping, but the town has a lot of shops. I'm sure a google search will turn up a lot of specific info. You will probably want to book any activities well in advance especially when you will be there.

There is also a "sleigh ride" (pulled by a snow cat) up the mountain to Ragnar's (a Norwegian restaurant) for a 4-course meal. Ragnar's is very good BTW and worth the $.
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The hot springs are definately worth doing, even if don'y want to take a dip. It's a nice trip just to go there. Other than that, Steamboat is kind of an isolated place, not really near anything. And the town is nothing like Aspen or Park City. There are some shops and stores in town, actually some very nice stores, but not enough of them to keep a hardcore shopper busy for very long. Not a lot of fine dining options, either. All and all, not a great place for the non skiing wife.
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strawberry park is one of the most beautiful spots in colorado.
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Steamboat is a great family spot but I agree that it is very limited for the non-skier. From a girl's standpoint, the quantity of shops is ideal for apres-ski strolling (inclusive of base area and town, there are a couple hours worth, at best). Spa services are equally scant.

Sure, you could pick another destination; however, why waste Steamboat's awesome dry snow? Why not make your non-skiing wife a skier? Steamboat has a spectacular ski school. Buy your wife a half-day private lesson and change her life forever!

She will ski without family pressure/critique (come on, we all have families) and will fall in love with the most spectacular sport on earth. Steamboat's powder is ideal for new skiers. I cannot think of a better gift (this includes all things Tiffany & Louis Vuitton). She will start the new year with a major league "I'm a kick booty She-ra" atttitude.

This time next year, SHE will be posting on Barking Bear.
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Agree 100% with Snocat RE: getting your wife to ski, but if she isn't likely to try (ie you've been down that road before) you aren't going to just ditch her for the week right? If not then there are tons of things to do (as I listed above) for a family or couple around Steamboat during your off-day(s) or half-days.
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Heading there in March, looking forward to it.
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I spent three days in Steamboat last February and I'm grabbing a quick two dayer there just before Christmas again this year.

In Ski Times Square there is a very good Mexican restaurant called Dos Amigos (go with a big appetite), there's a great breakfast place/coffee house called "Wired" and a good drinking establishment called "Tugboat" on the corner where the free bus stops.

The spa on the ground floor of the Steamboat Sheraton looks nice and I'll be sending my non-skiing spouse there next winter while Junior and I rip all day.

I really enjoyed the restaurant called "The Cabin" on the gound floor of the Steamboat Grand. Upscale and the food and service were good.

These are just a few of my good experiences. There are plenty of others.

Steamboat is one of those resorts where I don't want a car. I take the shuttle from the airport, stay in a slopeside accomodation and just relax. The free bus to town takes less than fifteen minutes, the stops cover everything, groceries, liquor stores and downtown Steamboat Springs. I liked the shopping in downtown Steamboat Springs. Bookstores, a couple of very good ski shops, a great rib joint and several others. It's not Aspen or Vail but that's one of the things I like about it.

Steamboat has a lot of repeat visitors and I bet you'll enjoy your stay.
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How about the Gourmet Snowshoe Lunch?

Your wife might like the snowshoe tour. It is offered daily during the holiday week. They ride up the gondi, snowshoe up a fairly level 1-2 mile catwalk to a restaurant, have lunch with wine, and snowshoe back. She'll meet lots of other guests and have a great time.
Don't miss the Strawberry Park hot springs. No other ski resort in Colorado has a place like it.
If she's REALLY desperate, Steamboat has a new movie theatre near the mountain with six or so screens.
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The real deal in Steamboat is the town of Steamboat. Get away from the Resort and hang out downtown. It's a real Cowboy town with shops, bars, restaurants, theaters, historical sections. It's a great old town with character. Staying at the resort is not my style. I'd rather be downtown. My idea of snowshoeing is heading out in the woods for a quiet peaceful jaunt. Not snowshoeing up a groomed trail under lifts and skiers. Sorry, I think the snowshoe trip at the resortsucks. Strawberry Park is a treat.
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