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Originally posted by SnO Eagle #:

its an old joke. [img]smile.gif[/img]
Maybe it needs to be retold
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Trying to convince people that the buck and doe did jump out of the trees not 5 feet in front of you as you were cruising at high speed on 6" of fresh track powder, then showing them the tracks next time down to prove it
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Riding in the Whistler Gondola...


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... that ride up the access road that you've driven 50 times a year for the past 30-years and still getting a tingle on the back of your neck.

... that first ride up the chair in the morning. Whether it's new snow or just rolled, that first run, early in the morning, before anyone else is out there, is soooooooo sweet.

... having your five year old wake up in the middle of the night in July and asking you for a glass of water and wanting to know if it's snowing out (actually happened).

... having a bunch of ski friends over in the middle of a 95deg heat wave in August for beer to watch back to back old Warren Miller movies (the real history books of the sport).

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Originally posted by WVSkier:
[QB... having your five year old wake up in the middle of the night in July and asking you for a glass of water and wanting to know if it's snowing out (actually happened).
...having your 25 year old roll over and wake you up in the middle of the night to tell you it's snowing out.


P.S. Hasn't happened yet, but it's a nice thought!
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I like my recent years better than my early years. The better I get, the more I enjoy it.
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apres ski bombardinos!

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Ditto on the "ecureuil" thang.
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ski signs in Italian!

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Making up new ski workouts!
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Making this thread as long as the curmodgeon's thread! [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I happen to love my stupid purple one piece suit... my STRAIGHT skis.....and Silver Mountain anytime...
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Anything in purple!! Purple goggles, purple helmet, makes it look all surreal!
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Smokin a fatty, skiing the trees.
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Safety Meeting!
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Maybe I'm alone here, but....

A good hard crash, the kind where all of a sudden you're just bouncing down the hill, then you stop, lay on your back and look at the sky for a moment, and just laugh and laugh, then grab your gear and get back at it.

The feeling of weightlessness as you sail over "that ridge"

The g-force of a solid, high speed carve

skiing backwards

sitting in the backcountry, munching on a frosted strawberry poptart and looking out over the lake(or mountains...), and wondering if you'll make it through this run

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I posted this originally Dec of 2000. Still stands.

1. Looking down a completely empty run then skiing side by side my husband and our two best friends. Those times I feel utterly content.

2. Eating lunch outside on a warm sunny day.

3. Finding a place by the fire on a cold day

4. Finding a close in free parking space.

5. Cheap season passes so you can actually get to ski as much as you can. Or going for just a couple of hours and then go snowshoe with my dogs.

6. Exercise that is FUN

7. The beauty of it all. I will never tire of the scenery and amazing vistas.

8. Hearing someone that I cannot see whooping and hollering.

9. Having a breakthru moment and being able to do it again.

10. When I have the courage to go off a small cliff. Read very small cliff.

I would add, waking up on a snowy morning and knowing that someone else has gotten up first, made coffee and walked the dogs. This of course is fantasy!

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The thrill of victory after a great run. rick p
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Skiing with Exit 154.
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Originally posted by rick p:
The thrill of victory after a great run. rick p 4e.jpg

Got love that tree ski'in.
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I hate skiing side by side with my husband. He's always sneaking up on me and has just about clobbered me more times than I can count. One reason he's my favorite ski buddy is I can chew him out for pulling stunts like that. (Ski instructors define luxury a bit differently than other people.)

Exit 154,

I love trees!
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...... : knowing that I am not the only Iowan here! Hey, grue!
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Standing in line at the Creekside gondola on a early season powder day. Seeing the same guys up front, the latecomers arriving in the back, the lifties having their coffee.

skieast. (dreaming)
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Night skiing, especially at Keystone or Park City when the stars are so close you can touch them, complete silence because there are no more than 3 other people on the whole mountain and it reminds you of that poem about the jet pilot, when I can reach out and touch the face of God
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when an instructor shows you parallel tracks on the snow, and they belong to you! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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What a great thread to decide to read when I can't sleep. I know I'll have good dream material now. In no particular order:

Seeing the first glimpse of light on Rendevous Bowl as I drive up on the first early morning of vacation.

The first real gut feeling that skiing is only a few days away.

That first noseful of air in the fall that fortells the faint beginning of winter, almost a lonesome, whistful, wanting feeling.

Laughing so hard with the joy of it all that you eat it.

Burying friends unfortunate enough to fall anywhere in front of you on a big snow day, and laughing just as hard when the wall of snow comes from them and burys you.

Skiing for a whole morning, wondering why no one is on the slopes on such a clear day, finding out at lunch that it's 15 below zero and thanking the cold gods for good circulation.

Being on the first few chairs on a powder morning and heading away from every other track at the top.

The rising adrenaline and anticipatory excitement of everyone on the Jackson Hole tram as it gets closer and closer to the top. Electric!

Watching friends have a riot while you have a riot and realizing that you're going to do it over and over again til you can't anymore.

Beers afterward to commorate crashes and runs and all the amazing fun we had, the near misses and the 'graceful' recoveries pulled off.

The giddy, almost uncorkable excitement of going to the hill and realizing that it dumped like crazy the night before.

Drinking in the panorama at the top of every run and letting it sink to your core.

The FEELING of skiing, the SENSATION of snow(any kind) sliding under your boards, flirting with the edge of control, believing and manifesting.

Letting your skis wander and finding yourself in places you've never been before, even in areas you know quite well.

The anticipation and trepidation of coming up to the edge of a steep run and not being able to see what's in store for you til the very precipice itself.

Great interesting terrain of all sizes and shapes and angles to play on.

The clouds opening up and turning a gray and white landscape into a golden riot of contour and diamond points stretching out before you.

I'd better stop before I'm too excited and awake to sleep, it may be too late.

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First time you get above the lip in the half pipe

Bouncing off the bumps that form mid-afternoon

Riding your edges, feelin' the Gs

Spinning 180 as you stop at the chair and looking back up the hill, looking at your tracks

Holding a turn on Ontario ice

Boots clicking in

Falling, and laughing for 5 minutes before you get up

When your legs imitate monster truck suspensions, and it feels good

Little jumps and ruts on the side of the hill

Random safety grabs

Mucking around on the green slopes

High Speed chairs and a bunch of 6 year olds - 5 4 3 2 1 BLASTOFF!!!

Discussing "Freestyle Chairlift Riding"

Reading this thread
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Let's see. For starters,
Alpine Meadows, Big Sky, Copper Mountain, Kirkwood,, Mt. Bachelor (in late spring), Mt. Snow, Snowbowl(when there is snow ), Stowe, Timberline during the summer. Also Breck, Crystal Wa., Keystone, Killington, Mt. Hood Meadows, Park City, Sierra at Tahoe, Snowqualmie, Whistler, Whitepass, infact, any slope or hill with snow will do. I've never been to a ski area that I would refuse to come back to. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Fischer skis and Raichle (now Kneissl) Flexons. Did I mention Fischer skis and Raichle Flexons? :

Haglofs, Nothface, Patagonia, Roffe, SOS, SunIce (They all kept me warm and toasty over the years).

Hestra and Grandoe.

Then of course there is Epic Ski. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I love it when a plan comes together.
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