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I am ashamed, I am. Please snow gods, send snow bank, lot's of it, I need to bury my head in champange powder for a looong time to contemplate my errant desires.
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Originally posted by Lodro:

Sharing a lift ride w/ a complete stranger and having a real conversation.

Sharing a lift ride w/ your best friend and not having to say anything at all.
Cooly put!

Mine is:

Being out in a serene, untracked meadow leading down into a valley with a tiny village far below, with just your best ski buddy(s) as the sun sets pinkish-orange afternoon light on the peaks all around.
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Stuff I Love????

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Making turns in untracked, knee-deep powder on my 300 vertical-foot home hill. (yes it does happen...but not often enough)
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Hearing it snowed in the highcountry this week
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Spending the entire day at loveland pass with a good buddy of mine building the perfect jump
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1. Those few times you get to lay down the first tracks on a run, groomed or not.

2. The feel of a beautiful edge cutting through the snow.

3. Sliding down a difficult run and knowing that today, I own the mountain.

4. Your favoriate ski bunny who says "I love you" on top of a beautiful white mountaion, just before the last run of the day.
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Taking someone with me who has never skied. Watching them get hooked as the day progresses.

Shovelling the driveway on a Friday morning. Dark and early, fat snow falling, and it's covered again before you're done. Going to work knowing it will be another sweeeeeet weekend.

Skiing New Year's Day early. Deadest day of the year. Waiting for the lifts to open, with an almost scary lack of humans cluttering up the scenery.

The end of a good day of skiing, and nothing is twisted, maimed, broken, or bruised and I still have the energy left for apres ski.

Getting up the next day for more. :
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Hot chicks who RIP!
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Originally posted by Bonni:

Skiing New Year's Day early. Deadest day of the year. Waiting for the lifts to open, with an almost scary lack of humans cluttering up the scenery.

I love this thread. It reminds me of all sorts of things I love. Bonnie we have skied New Years Day most of the past 12 years. You are right, hardly anyone around. At least in the mornings!

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I posted this about a year and a half ago, and it pales in comparison to some of the new stuff posted above, but here it is again:

 Catching that first glimpse of the ski trails as you approach the mountain in your car.
 Getting a good space in the parking lot.
 Getting a special deal on your lift ticket.
 Whacking your heel against the floor to seat your foot in your ski boot.
 Getting the buckle tension just right the first time.
 Finding an empty cubby for leaving your day bag.
 Deciding it's a sunglasses day, not a goggles day.
 That satisfying thunk as you step into your ski and the binding locks onto your boot.
 Getting to the lift without having to climb.
 Sunny, 28°F, little or no wind.
 Being 'swept away' by the chair lift.
 'Sugar-coated' trees on the way up.
 Getting to the top and doing a lazy 180 off the exit ramp.
 The view from the top.
 Feeling the texture of the snow under your skis as you push off for the first time that day.
 Making that first turn - and it still works.
 Skiing down about 200 or 300 yards and making a big smooth sweeping stop.
 Exuberance.
 Feeling total freedom.
 Feeling like you're flying.
 Completely focused on the present.
 Seamlessly flowing through a gentle-to-steep transition.
 Nailing the sweet spot on a hard fast long carve.
 Touching your uphill hand to the snow on a hard carving turn.
 Finding a natural jump with a mild kicker but a steep landing area, instead of an artificial one set up the opposite way.
 Airplane turns off of isolated moguls.
 Trails with a mixture of smooth, undulating and sporadically bumpy terrain - instead of all bumps or perfectly smooth.
 Trails that swoop and dip and zig and zag.
 Figuring out how a new pair of skis likes to be skied.
 Doing really old-style maneuvers on modern equipment.
 Initiating linked turns with strong edge-set, causing a trampoline-like rebound across the fall-line.
 Initiating linked turns with hardly any edge set and falling into the next turn instead - feeling the skis follow your body around the turn.
 Playing with gravity.
 Quick linked shallow turns with no real unweighting - just ankle rolling and angulation - swinging your feet from side to side while your body stays in the middle.
 Skiing on ice with skis that are great on ice.
 Skiing on/in any kind of fresh snow.
 Licking snow off your face.
 Looking back at your tracks.
 Criss-crossing someone else's tracks.
 Skiing on frozen 'corduroy' - Not!
 Lunch out on the deck at the summit lodge.
 Speed - reckless precision.
 Doing Mambo turns directly under the chairlift.
 Running gates when they just happen to have been left there.
 Using the chairlift towers as race gates.
 Jumping cornices.
 The back bowls.
 Trees.
 Holding a tuck until your thighs burn.
 Skiing in 'The Zone'.
 Taking off your boots and having a beer at the end of the day.
 Waking up the next day and doing it again.
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My depends NOT leaking in the middle of the first powder run of the year.

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Writing my name in fresh powder behind a tree
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cutting loose in uniform under the cover of a blizzard

dropping into a perfect walling wave with a slight offshore breeze and feeling the beast growl and rumble under foot as you fly down the line

sitting out the back shooting the breeze with strangers about waves surfed in exotic places

the silent pow drenched glades

getting spun in pow and going in with the head downhill and no way to move ... just laughing out loud in my own personal pow trench looking up at the sky and old trees and feeling very small in the scheme of things

lying on your back in a central Australian desert and watching the star show ... and sinking into the ancient land

the smiles on my boys faces when they first found they could control thier skis

when a kid shows you something special ... like a big bug under a rock or a small bird building a nest

hanging in the awesome Colorado mountains for winter

meeting new people and chillin with them
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Hot, ripe tomatoes fresh from the garden, with a little salt [img]smile.gif[/img]

Smelling burning leaves in autumn when the moon is full

Thunderstorms that rattle your chest and blind you

Snuggling (and more)

Boiler rooms

Laughing till it hurts at something someone did that's hilarious, when they're laughing too

Rubber band rocket fights at work when the boss isn't looking [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Target shooting

Goofin on the cat. Repeatedly. Messin with his head, and "sparring" with him. :

Great Blues Music
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I really love this!

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Hooting and hollering on a powder day to complete strangers who are joined in this delightful experience with you.

Riding single on a powder day and learning that 85% of your chair mates bartend so their days are free to ski.

Watching very young skiers leading their parent(s) down difficult terrain.

Tree skiing.


Steep slopes sprinkled with sugar.

Serious snowstorms.
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Good ones nolo especially #2
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KSMT radio in breckenridge when its dumping on you so hard that its you, the mountain and KSMT radio all the way down.
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For the first time in 5 yrs you get to ski alone.
No children, no husband, and just at the old lodge were you had learn to ski so many years ago.

Ski phantoms of days of long ago, haunt you as you go from run to run. Remembering old hills that are now gone, and the new ones you also played on.

Relaxing in the old lodge, with the big round fireplace, and the open window looking out at the skiers. Laughter of old echoing around you, but goes unheard of by others.

Remembering better days for your mother, and the hopes that one can give there children the same feeling for skiing as one has.

Finding out you still can ski and it can still make you fill up with splendor.

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The clean, cold, crispy air that you breathe early in the morning, after breakfast, coming out from your lodhging, watching the sun coming up behind the peaks surrounding you and realizing that's another new day on skis.

Skiing alone, in absolute silence, nearly surreal
Skiing with a buddy you well know, and with whom you can enjoy every turn of a run, sharing that knowingly look.

Seeing my children enjoy their time on skis, and, at the end of the day say: "Dad, I want more".
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The shades of blue and green that sunlight makes in big ice chunks and snow shadows
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has nothing to do with skiing but....Getting on my boat as the sun is coming up and Linekin bay is like a sheet of glass. It's already warm out, the tide is low and there isn't a breath of wind. I grab my fly rod and coffee. Nothing better, all is right with the world at that point....
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Dear Bears,

I love when Mommy and Daddy take me skiing and I get to play in the snow at doggie day camp. When they come back at the end of the day, I get lots of extra snuggles because mommie's always cold!
Hugs, kisses,and belly rubs
Giselle [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Kima:
I take it this is some kind of slang, but I don't get it. Maybe I'm the only one
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its an old joke. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by SkiKing:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Kima:
I take it this is some kind of slang, but I don't get it. Maybe I'm the only one </font>[/quote]Not slang SkiKing, just like to see those furry little creatures while I am skiing.
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