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You don't miss many cues. It was a generalization. And perhaps an incorrect one at that. Maybe we DO prefer to yell than to whisper. I don't know.

But I do know this:

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Skiing faster backwards then many can forward
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Speaking of gates the first time you tie or beat the pacesetter

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Hey Exit 154, not apology needed for MRG - I think its a fun place! I like the mountain, just not some of the folks who feel they are gods because they ski it!

I love the single chair, the lack of gimmicks, the unspoiled atmosphere! And for the Eastern U.S. it has wonderful challenges!
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A yard sale that feels like your bouncing on a giant pillow laughing so hard the entire time you choke on powder
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realizing you just rode the lift up with Evan Raps
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Maybe the best of them all...

o On a dreary day in August, reading a really great thread in EpicSki that makes you sit back and realize just how great skiing is, how lucky you are to be a skier, and just how great the skiing community really is.

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1) Waking up in the morning, pulling aside the curtain, and peering out to see a beautiful sunrise on the mountain.
2) Riding up the first chair of the morning and looking down to see a lynx sprint across the clearing under the lift (this happened to me two years ago at Whistler!).
3) Kicking back with friends and beer after a long day of skiing.
4) Skiing directly onto a chair without ever stopping.
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Waking up your first morning in Whistler Village to the sound of avie bombs.

Coming home from a bottomless day at Jay to watch the Pats win the AFC.

Breaking poles (I don't know why, I just do).

P-Tex and beer.

Cheeseburger soup at the Bag, Sugarloaf.

My first heli.

Every heli thereafter.

Frozen snotsicles.

The Blue Chair, the Red Chair, and the Tram.

My G4s.

Busting past a bunch of gapers standing at the top of a hit or drop and popping it without hesitation.

And sticking it.

That's all I can think about in August without needing a time out, I'm getting a tad emotional as is...
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Weather Channel Music
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"Coming home from a bottomless day at Jay to watch the Pats win the AFC."

hell yes!
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* Being out skiing on an empty mountain because everybody else is home or in the bar watching the "big game".

* Pulling a recovery out of my a**, this is often even more fun than a "flawless" run!

* Related to the last one: taking an eggbeater and that pops you back up onto your feet, and you keep turning as if nothing had happened - usually to cheers if you are with friends.

* These days are behind me now, but I do still have fond memories of a couple of us zipping off into the trees, to "check the snow stakes" . . . whereupon we engaged in a Rastafarian type of behavior.

* Instructors and Patrollers used to do end of the day "sweep" at my old mountain. Being alone, out with it getting dark, the lifts stopped and the mountain dead silent -- it was a wonderful relaxing time.

* Free helicopter rides, when I was with Search and Rescue, into awesome terrain.

* Telling a customer or instructor something that really makes an immediate change in their skiing, and seeing their smiles grow.

* Being buried in a snow cave as the target during avalanche search training, and taking a snooze under there until a happy dog snout pokes into your little space.

* Kicking off a minor slide and then trying to make turns in the moving river of snow.

* Being on a chairlift on a powder morning and looking up and back and seeing nobody else on the lift in front or behind you as far as you can see. Actually thats fun on non-powder mornings too.

* Feeling your binding release when it should and save your butt (or your knee more accurately).
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great thread Todd!

Picking one's way through the trees at a relaxed
pace during a mild-to-medium sized snowstorm.
*from growing up in upstate NY...the cleaning off the 12" of powder from the car is too...one of my favorites...
Driving up into ski country during a heavy snowstorm at night during the week in NewEngland....knowing that you're gonna have the fresh stuff to just yourself and other diehard skiers....and a few locals.

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Skiing with my two kids. Anywhere on any mountain. (Mind if I brag?)
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Originally posted by nolo:
Skiing with my two kids. Anywhere on any mountain. (Mind if I brag?)
Permission granted!!
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This is the right thread! I have never had a bad day skiing. And that even includes waiting in line at some tiny mid-atlantic resort w/ people talking on their cell phones blowing smoke in my face while standing on my skis, eating lousy food in long lines, blah blah blah, I don't care, I love it! Any time I'm on skis I'm just grateful to be alive -- I'm working on extending that attitude to the rest of my life. So...

Yea, the sound of everything and the way the snow amplifies and dampens everything at the same time.

Some funky little off fall-line line under a little used lift where the bumps are soft and smooth.

Getting far into a long traverse through trees, getting a little lost and a little worried, and then poping out into a sweet little chute.

Realizing that you started to straightline too soon, but somehow keeping it together.

Sharing a lift ride w/ a complete stranger and having a real conversation.

Sharing a lift ride w/ your best friend and not having to say anything at all.

Suddenly everything comes together and you're able to snap off perfect little fall-line turns.

Days after a storm, coming across a little piece of in-bounds terrain just as ski patrol is removing the ropes. Maybe its just fifty feet of untracked snow, but no one else seems to have noticed and you return to ski it again and again.

Sitting on the back of the car with the rear hatch open taking your boots off.

Driving home slowly down the canyon...
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Waking up early to find a major snow dump
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Shifting into four wheel drive at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon as the Sheriff puts the chain law into effect. You know its gonna be a good day.

The town of Alta's AM radio cast stating that they got dumped on the night before. "25 inches fell on the town of Alta last night, making the storm total 40 inches."

Jackson Hole. Alta. Snowbird. Winter Park.

Avy control equipment and watching it in use from the chairs.

Ski Patrol. How about some props to the guys who are making my powder days possible?

Greasy breakfasts the morning of a day yet to unwind.

Living 20 minutes from 4 sweet ski resorts!

Fat skis.

The sign at the entrance to the tram at Jackson Hole. "Our mountain is like nothing you have ever skied..."

Needing to wear goggles when getting ready in the parking lot.

Nailing a run. When everything just seems to come together for you.

Old lifts. Short lift lines. Goofy people.

Outrunning your sluff on the really steep stuff.


Bump runs with a rythm that seems never to end.


Custom foot beds.

Sweating at the end of a run, out of breath next to the nearest one-piece-wearing tourist. You always get the best looks!


Not having to take a crap in the middle of a epic day.

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Originally posted by AltaSkier:

Not having to take a crap in the middle of a epic day.
Good one! I'm sure lots of us have experiences to the contrary
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Great topic, and worthy of #2000.

A lot of my favorites (favourites for you folks across the Pond) are things that remind me of when I was living in Frisco.

- Driving at night on an empty road with snow dumping out of the sky so hard that you don't need your windshield wipers and you can't use your headlights.

- Gong into a store/shop/whatever, and coming out an hour later, only to have to brush 2-4" of fresh off your car.

- Any hard snow at night, and anticipating the next morning.

- Skiing alone in the woods when it's snowing so hard you can't hear anything but your own breathing.

- Not taking the truck out of 4 wheel drive for a week straight.

- being on a major highway when it's dumping, the road has a foot or more of soft snow on it, and yours are the only set of tracks.

- Sitting on a chairlift when it's snowing silver dollar flakes, and non of it sticks to anything.

- (but on the same note) getting off the chair lift and having an inch or two of snow fall out of your lap.

- That feeling of skiing bottomless pow, that's like skiing on clouds, and you're not really sure why you're not hitting the ground. It really is like flying.

- Falling in powder and just laying there laughing.

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Originally posted by HaveSkisWillClimb:
...*from growing up in upstate NY...the cleaning off the 12" of powder from the car ...
From someone else who grew up in upstate NY, something even better:

Watching with anticipation as the guy that just cleaned the snow from a car tries his key, it doesn't work, the lock is not iced, and it fiiiinally dawns on him that he just cleaned off your look-alike car, not his.

Tom / PM
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First run of the season

Going to the mountain alone to work on improving something, and nailing it.

New skis ( gotta stop buying new skis, gotta stop buying new skis .... someday I'll stop buying new skis )

Sking in Maine


Free jerked wings at happy hour, with a good beer

ski vacations, sking hard, happy hour, hot tub, drinks, diner, drinks, horizontal bop with girlfriend, drinks, clubing, sleep, do-it-again the next day

it's all good
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I like that thwump the snow makes as it breaks loose while you're still in the parking lot. It gives me chills.

When I'm on the mountain I hate that thwump the snow makes as it breaks loose.

[img]smile.gif[/img] I guess its all perspective.
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- Recieving in Aug. early ski mail specials.
- Waking up early on a ski day to check out
the WC/internet reports and postings.
- Getting dressed and geared up
- Snowstorms on the way up.
- Challenging the ski instructor.
- Skiing in the zone.
- Realizing the base/core shot you imagined is'nt
- The feeling of taking off your boots after
a full day.
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The click of steping into your Binding first thing in the morning.
Riding the lift with a patroler and he tells you he's going to open up a closed off run and if you follow him,He'll let you have second tracks.
Walking into The Lodge all eyes turn your way and you realize your just a blanket of snow with goggles on.
Showing a friend a select few secrets of your Home mountain
Haveing that friend buy you a Beer cuz he had so much fun.
Your wife and or Girlfriend saying she understands why you needed those new skis
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Hey, ShiftyRider's bottom pic - "7' new snow" - is from right in front of the ticket window at Baldy. Cool.

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For the older among us. The first time your ten year old makes it down the black diamond then two years later when you realize SHE does it better than you
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First tracks.
Second tracks next to the first.
Third tracks between the first two.
First crosses.
Any turns in fresh snow. Even just one and back onto the groomed.
Fresh cords.
An open empty slope at over 50 MPH.
The challenge of picking a skiable path through old avy run-out.

Way to many more to list.
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Originally posted by SCRUFFY:

Free jerked wings at happy hour, with a good beer...

What kind of guy from Upstate NY, would choose "jerked" wings over Buffalo Wings?

You should be ashamed. Go and bury your head in a snowbank and don't come back until you've thought about this for a while.
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