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Stuff I love!

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Yeah, even when already skiing, there is still stuff I love! Here we go.

1) Silent Trees.

I love hopping into some trees and not only not seeing anybody, but not hearing anybody or anything. Skiing with buddies is fun, but sometimes skiing by your lonesome, in that place "you should never ski alone" is just wonderful! Even more fun: fresh snow, no tracks, no people -- no sound.

2) The Sound of bombs.

The opposite of above, a noise which is pleasurable. Hearing the avalanche control work going on up above you. The crack of hand charges, the chopping of helicopter blades punctuated by the report of dropped charges, the whoosh and boom of an avalauncher, and the bang and BOOM of a Howitzer . . . all awesome sounds!

3) Driving an empty mountain pass to work/play.

On a good snow day, midweek. Driving up the mountain pass to your place of play/work . . . and seeing NO other cars. Awesome, you know you won't make $ -- but you know you'll play hard!

4) The phone ringing.

And then asking you to come play someplace at the least for free, and maybe even for pay. Especially epic when its a steep and/or deep mountain during a non-busy time of the year.

5) Cute women in stretch pants.

only overtaken by:

6) Cute women who RIP in stretch pants.

And finally, that is only taken over by:

7) Cute women who RIP and are pro-skiers in stretch pants. Heck, actually -- women like that don't even need stretch pants to give my neck whiplash!

8) Plain brown UPS boxes.

Carrying a few pairs of skis, at the beginning of a new season. After many years of it . . . it still never gets old.


Oh, I could go on endlessly, but this is what comes to mind right off the bat. Anyone else?

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Great good ones Todd, but you have been back east too long, let me add:

Face Shots
Chaining up my 4x4 to get to work.
Following the caravan up the closed pass to get to work.
Helping the lifties dig the chairs out in the mornings.
Spring Break and cute women in bikini tops (even if they can't ski and have fallen).
A full moon and a clear night.
The hot springs during a snow storm.
Did I mention Blizzards and white outs.
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The surrealism of the glistening snowflakes, as seen through the lenses of my purple goggles.

The way a particular run turns into a song, then the song turns into a dance, and the mountain becomes a dancing partner.

Rocky mountain sheep seen along the roads out west.

Cute ski instructors who just happen to teach well! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Grooming track deep powder AFTER a powder day.

Snowmaking on a clear night with a good moon & skiing between the guns.

Having to grade the road with the groomer cos there is THAT much new snow (have done it three times so far in 4 years, why can't it be more)
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Yeah, I was trying to take it easy with that stuff Tom! 12 years full time at CO's powder and crowd-free mecca has left a lot more great memorys, but people get weird if you talk about how great it really is there!

Whats scary is that after about 3 hours there have been 3 follow up posts to this. Whereas to the inverse of this "Stuff that Bug's Me" there were 16 posts in the same amount of time . . . and its nearly 100 responses now.

What does this say about us as human beings? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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* Taking an Eastern Skier to Jackson Hole or Snowbird for the first time on a powder day.

* The sound of howitzers at breakfast.

* Riding the single chair at Mad River.

* Bangkok Thai on Main in Park City.

* No boarder policy at Alta, Taos and Mad River.

* A good ski clinic.

* A good Scone. Actually, any scone. Especially lemon-poppy.

* pit zips

but I digress...

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Originally posted by GravityGuru (Todd):

Whats scary is that after about 3 hours there have been 3 follow up posts to this. Whereas to the inverse of this "Stuff that Bug's Me" there were 16 posts in the same amount of time . . . and its nearly 100 responses now.

What does this say about us as human beings? [img]smile.gif[/img]
They need a better instructor!

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Todd--great topic.
Don't forget the fourth one, Carvemeister: Deer Valley (We should all help support the remaining four resorts that still have a skier's only policy. I like snowboarding once in a while, but it's really nice to have a few places left that haven't caved in). [img]smile.gif[/img]

More stuff I love--

* The sound of snowflakes landing on your parka hood.

* Realizing that your vehicle became completely cocooned in new powder as you were getting ready.

* Sounds of gleeful, uninhibited woo-hoos and yelps in the surrounding whiteness as you ski untracked tree-pow alongside complete strangers.

* The gathering of the madding crowd as the rope-drop is anticipated...

* Deep powder's subtle swoosh on an otherwise silent run.

* The squeak and crunch of sub-freezing snow on a crystal morning.

* Choking and gasping and laughing like a little kid as you unweight a deep pow turn.

* The smell of gunpowder in the air just after a charge is dropped:

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OK, a bit childish, but still fun - catching a big snowflake in your mouth on the first chairlift up in the morning.
2. Getting a chair up, seeing untouched powder, getting to the top of it with a couple of friends before anyone else does, skiing it, getting the chair back up again and admiring your tracks...

I've got a load more to post. Maybe later.

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3. That point on the journey when you know you're nearly at the resort after hours of flying/coaches: e.g. Driving past the dam on the way to Val d'Isere, passing the Berthoud Pass base on the way in to Winter Park, etc.
4. Skiing with someone far better than you, who doesn't mind waiting for you, gives you tips, encourages you down runs you didn't think you could make it down, and, even given your lack of ability, is still enjoying themselves
5. Meeting someone on the lift who is 40 + years older than you, yet still has that glint in their eyes for the snow.
6. Skiing with locals/meeting up with them afterwards, and no longer feeling like a tourist.
7. Walking home from the pub, and the snow has been dumping it down since you stopped skiing - you know the next day will be epic.
8. Seeing green lights at the base against all the lifts & runs.
9. Making a series of turns perfectly - when everything just clicks into place.
10. (here's a weird one) Getting your credit card bill in after the trip, where it lists the places you were, the different currencies you spent, and while you spent a lot, it was less than you imagined, and all the memories come flooding back...
11. Not posting on Epic for a few days, cause you're there, doing it, not just talking about it.
12. Finding the right song to sing that matches your rhythm as you ski a run.

OK, I'm going to stop now, cause I'm grinning just thinking about all those things...

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Well the list is so long:

Listening to the creak of the snow under your boots and skiis first thing in the morning.
Not being able to walk home from the pub when your sober cos there is just too much snow.
Term time.
Skiing with friends who can keep up.
Skiing with friends who can teach you.
Helping you friends to ski better or just giving them the confidence to ski better.
Vin chaud.
The sound of snow falling off branches - that woomp as it picks up loads more snow on the way down and the branch flings back to where it used to be before it got all weighed down.
Skiing on newly waxed skiis.
The first time you work out how to ski over ice.
And all the things written above.

Sorry I just have to go and relax a little if you know what I mean - just a little bit too exciting!
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The snow coming down late on Friday night. You can't sleep because you're so excited [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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The dampening effect falling snow has on other sources of noise.

Wind blowing across the top of my roof.

The babble of my fellow workers getting ready to head out at 6:00 a.m.

That particular sound fresh snow makes as you slice through it.

Standing on a ridge and its so quiet you can hear your beacon.

Standing on that same ridge and watching the sun rise.

Soon, very soon.
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Walking into a bar, with snow on your hat, and a stupid big grin on your face, and being met by a hundred other people with exactly the same powder grin.
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At the end of the day:

Hot Tub
Cold Beer
Good Friends

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o Sitting in the hot tub at the roof of the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird while it's snowing 2" an hour and the waiter comes over and asks you "would you like another beer?"

o Going to sleep while it's snowing and waking up several times and looking out the window to see how much you got.

o Cleaning off the car after a foot of fresh

o That first beer in the bar after a great day with friends

o That great night's sleep after a big powder day.

o Laying in bed after a great day and just feeeeeeeling those turns again.

o That look on your class's face at 4:00 saying "you mean it's all over?"

o Meeting your class at 4:30 in the bar and re-living the day's runs.

and the list goes on and on.


ps, I, for one, would MUCH rather talk about this stuff than the stuff that bugs me.
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Skiing in the groove. When no matter what you do it is ON. You can't make a bad turn to save your life and by noon you've had it so you pack up go home build a fire and watch football with a perma smile.
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Originally posted by GravityGuru (Todd):

Whats scary is that after about 3 hours there have been 3 follow up posts to this. Whereas to the inverse of this "Stuff that Bug's Me" there were 16 posts in the same amount of time . . . and its nearly 100 responses now.

What does this say about us as human beings? [img]smile.gif[/img]
Yeah I was thinking the same thing.

WVSkier, Laying in bed after a great day and just feeeeeeeling those turns again. Love that feeling too!

Looking down a wide untouched empty run first thing in the morning.
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Walking into the men's room and not realizing that you are looking at yourself in the mirrors because you are completely coated in ice.

Tom / PM
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oops, I already had a turn.

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You are allowed to love more than one thing, I mean, this is Utah
...but they have to be related to skiing, so I'm not sure if we can allow lemon poppy scones. If we do, then I'm putting a call in for doughnuts.

Actually, could I put an order in for some?


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The first ride up on the chair and watching the ice crystals float in the air.

The first slide off the chair and realizing you got the wax selection right last night.

Watching a kids face as they discover something new.

Watching any student or friend discover a new movement or have a breakthrough.

The "good burn" feel at the end of a bump run.
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1. driving up to ski on a big dump day, listening to great tunes -- this past season, I was usually listening to Radiohead's I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings or Jets to Brazil's Orange Rhyming Dictionary. This coming season? I suspect I'll be listening to Source Tags and Codes by ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, and The Argument by Fugazi.

2. making medium arcs in the deep freshies on Moose Creek or up on the Chair 4 terrain

3. a cool 20 oz post-ski bottle of Bitterroot Brewery beer, preferably Powder Hound Ale

4. a coaching session with my guru and many folks' Yoda, JW.

these things make me [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Midnight backcountry skiing in the trees under a full moon
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Landing a 360(insert trick) for the first time

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Warning: Eastern Content

Standing at the top of Catwalk (Big K)

Rte 100 North


MRG (sorry Todd)

Perfect corn snow

Any gas station that sells beer

Standing on a traverse, looking into a thick forest, and voila, seeing a line....

Old skis, sharp edges

The grandfather clause in Vt back when it counted for me

Powder days in the East

Rainy days in the East

Sunny days in the East

Any day in the East

Aspen East

Pizza Jerks

Duct tape

The Taconic


The look of recognition on a strangers face when you've both just skied an epic powder shot, no need to talk...

The sound of silence

Slow chairs

Empty parking lots

The Black River Brew Pub


Green Mountain National GC


People who don't brag

Old wooden skis over a mantle above a roaring fire, cold drink in hand, friends and family by my side, doesn't matter what the weather is doing...
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The rush and the silence of a 10-20(insert footage here) foot drop into the perfect powder
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"It's a beautiful morning," the theme song of the Park City RSN cable show that is on the TV in my condo while I'm eating breakfast and getting geared up for a day of skiing. At that point I am this far away from leaving the room, which is getting too hot now that my jacket is on, and walking outside toward the shuttle.

Early morning hardpack being slowly seduced into sugary butter by an insistent sun.

Big railed turns at speed. Clean, relaxed but snappy edge changes. On top of it throughout.

Beer with friends on the deck, talking about it.

by the way, i think the early lack of response had more to do with log-off times - many of us check in from work, then log off come leaving time - than any societal trend.
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1. Hiking for tracks
2. Choking on powder
3. Snow so cold it squeaks and freezes my face on the first run
4. Having the rope drop just as you ski up to it
5. High speed G-forces
6. That first cold beer with friends at the end of the day
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I have a better excuse for not responding when Todd first posted - it was 1.02am BST. I was in bed. Asleep. Dreaming of powder.


P.S. 5pm here now, time to leave after another day's hard work.
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