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Roccaraso, Italy

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I will be in Rome over Christmas with my wife and 2 kids. We'd like to get a day or 2 in skiing. Has anyone skied Roccaraso, Italy? Do you have any information about it? Can you get there by train? Is it worth it or should we stick to the Colliseum and Pompeii? To Fox Hat - I've already posted a similar post at Snowheads.com and have received good information. Thank you.
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Depends on how long you are going to be there and what you want to see and do in Rome. You can spend 10 days in Rome and still not see everything.

My wife and I honeymooned in Rome, Assisi, Loretto and Venice. We spent the first 5 days in Rome. We tried to fit so much in that the next two days in Assisi was a great relief.
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