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Lose Weight: Save on Gas

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Not sure if the calculations are valid, but it's an interesting idea.

Should read "lose" weight but you can't edit a title. I was having visions of "loose flesh" when I posted this!
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Well, just from the information provided in the article -- sure, their calculations are "valid". "Meaningfull" is a whole 'nother ballgame.

The passengers / luggage in the car have a nearly meaningless weight compared to the weight of the car itself. 200+ pounds of people in a 3000+ pound car doesn't mean a whole lot. Then when you account for the fact that you can't lose your entire body weight -- i.e., you're looking at shaving off a couple dozen pounds (for a sedentary individual) from a 3200+ pound load. That's what I call insignifigant.

Look at it this way: do you see any kind of differing gas consumption rates in your car with a full tank vs. a half-full tank? A couple gallons of gas weighs about what most people could ever hope to lose.

This is the type of study that I'm amazed that somebody got paid to research. :
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Kevin has said it all. It's a fluff piece, and a waste of time to read.
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"The lost mileage is pretty small for any single driver. Jacobson said the typical driver — someone who records less than 12,000 miles annually — would use roughly 18 fewer gallons of gas over the course of a year by losing 100 pounds. At $2.20 per gallon, that would be a savings of almost $40."

Yup, only $40 a year - not worth losing sleep (sorry weight ) over.

(but the principle is sound - similar to removing roof bars/boxes when not in use, etc)
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Colin Chapman used to say...Add Lightness.
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How to save gas:

Take your cd player out. Sing loudly. (Also, you don't need that DVD player for the kids who can't look out the window and behave while you're driving on long trips.)

Cushy seats weigh a lot. Milk crates are pretty light.

Women: leave your 12 pound purses at home! Carry your money and credit cards in your bra.

Light fleece shirts only, and no winter coats or hats.

Boots are heavier than sandals.

Shave your excess body hair.

Only take as many children as you need to take. Get babysitters for the others.

When taking the cat to the vet, avoid using that heavy cat carrier. Bind the animal's legs together with duct tape.

Leave spare tires at friends houses and businesses you frequent rather than carry a heavy tire with you.

Remove all bumper stickers, bling, dreamcatchers, stuffed animals on the rear deck, plastic Jesuses on the dashboard.

Since you don't look in the mirrors anyway, remove them. Ditto with turn signals.
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Bonni, wouldn't it be easier, and healthier just to lose weight?
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If I lost 100 pounds, I'd lose skeleton!

There's an idea! Have a foot cut out of your leg bones. Height is also over-rated.
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you forgot magnetic ribbons.
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OOOOH! Those stupid ribbons! YES!

How about license plate holders that advertise for the car lot? For one, you don't 'need' a holder, and two, why drag around an ugly ad for the car lot? What did they do special for you? Take that sucker OFF!
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I removed the valve caps from my wheels to make them lighter, no kidding!
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Do you handpick the rocks out of the tread, too? One pebble = 4 valve caps!
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No rocks, I'm running slicks. I do pick glass out, but not to save weight.
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this probably came form the same guy who said the tailgate nets give better gas mileage. (which isn't true)

it makes some sense that if you way less its less work for the car, but i'm not sure that is all the factor involved. i think losing 10 lbs would not do hardly anyhting on gas mileage
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brice, I guess not - only $4 a year (if the maths is correct).
But it is interesting to look at how savings can be made - and if reducing weight improves economy, then look at where the biggest weight losses can be made - generally it's with the people in the cars.
Perhaps the less serious responses are best kept for the flat earth society meeting...
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I read about a guy with a very long commute, and a car that he used exclusively for said commute. He decided to maximize his gas mileage. He took out every creature comfort for someone other than the driver from the entire car: the back seat, the passenger seat, the headliner, the door liners, any electronic or mechanical parts that weren't critical, he really went to town taking all of the "unnecessary" weight out of his little car. Supposedly, he saw something like a 6 or 7 mpg improvement in his fuel efficiency. Which, I suppose for a
guy doing like a 60 mile commute (one way) each day made it worth it in terms of dollars...

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60 miles one way would be about 25,000 miles a year.
That kind of improvement could save you about 200 gallons a year.

But then again, hey, if you can afford it, why bother saving money/gas - after all, cars don't produce pollution, that's just a myth put about by commies to attack the American way of life...:
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Lose weight and save $$

That article should have been about bike commuting with a title like that!
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Originally Posted by brice618 View Post
this probably came form the same guy who said the tailgate nets give better gas mileage. (which isn't true)
actually, fwiw, it IS true according to mythbusters' recent test. random link:

anyone who's been around drag racing knows the old rule of thumb about 100 lbs = 1/10th sec. while that rule is not always 100% accurate, 100 lbs certainly CAN make difference with a 3,000 lb car. there's an awful lot of misguided speculation in this thread...
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Let's see, liquid is around 8lbs per gallon. If you are driving a large car with a 25 gallon tank, half tank is close to 100lbs. I gain about 1mpg in my van if I pull both back seats out and don't replace them with anything. That's about 60lbs.. The cargo van version of my van is epa rated about 1 mpg better than the passenger version and the only difference is lack of glass, lack of seats and lack of interior carpet, etc.

Then multiply that by the Millions of drivers. It's a huge gain for the world.

Think globally, act locally.
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ride a bike

I thought this thread was going to be about commuting by bike. You'll lose your weight AND save gas at the same time...not to mention you'll be combating global warming- something that should be near and dear to the hearts of skiiers.
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You can save more even gas by driving like an old lady..:P But who wants to do that? Also you could get skinny low resistance tires..

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Originally Posted by GuyClinch View Post
...Also you could get skinny low resistance tires..

Yeah, but the spokes would create a wind drag....
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