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Apache Recon?

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I am a Colorado skier who grew up skiing on the east coast. I consider myself advanced, but not really an expert. When I go skiing, I stay off the greens and blues (unless I'm with my daughter), but I am still improving my abilities.

I currently ski an Atomic 10:EX (168) and don't have many problems. They are starting to get a little beat up, but I can't afford anything new right now.

I have a chance to score a really clean pair of 2005 K2 Apache Recon (174). I'm 5'9" 195... is this a good ski and size for me?

I also have the chance to score some various demo skis (to tide me over). Any suggestions?

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I think that will be a fine ski for you. Go for it.
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I am lighter than you by 60lbs and demo'd the 167's (or right around there) and really liked them as a softer snow ski. I am on the EC and bought the Fischer AMC 79 at a nice price but I would have bought the Recon's at the same price. If it were me and I was lucky enough to be calling Co. my home state, I'd buy them. Overall, I think the Fischer AMC 79 or 76 is a better groomer ski but we are probably splitting hairs here. In that category there are great skis available. Volkl AC3,AC4, Fischer AMC 79, 76 or the K2's all great skis. have a great winter (which in your case has already started)
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I'm a tad heavier and taller (5'11", 185) and I skied the 2004/2005 Recon in a 174 in Colorado for 3 days and loved it. Took it through knee deep pow @ Keystone and rode it on hardpack and "icy" groomers at Vail and it was quick and responsive. I would have bought a pair, but sadly I'm somewhat xenophobic when it comes to skis and the whole "made in China" thing kind of turned me off of them. I will say that I haven't found another ski that handled quite like them, though (the 04/05 M:EX was close).
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I am 6' 155lbs and somewhere between advanced and expert and demo'd the 174CM at Steamboat. It was a good ski for the trees, chutes and moguls. But, I would have liked the stability and float that the 181 would have given me. I just prefer a longer more stable platform. It was a bit lacking in the crud and cut up pow at higher speeds; did a major face plant when the tip dove but I think you would be happy on the 174CM Recon.
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I think you should grab them, always depending on the price, of course. FYI, I bought a pair of FLAT Recons last year, new, still in the plastic, 05-06 season for somewhere between $450 and 500. This was BEFORE the season started. So, if you're not doing better than that, it's only a so-so deal.
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The guy works in a shop. He has 10 pairs of skis. He is selling the Recon's for $200.
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Originally Posted by ski1024 View Post
The guy works in a shop. He has 10 pairs of skis. He is selling the Recon's for $200.

Stop posting, run, don't walk and buy those skis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit to add... I'll buy them if they don't work out for you
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Truly a deal of the century. Buy several pair.
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$200.00? Does the Owner of the shop know his employee is selling those skis for $200.00?
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Buy them -- I am 5'11", 175 and I hve the Recons in a 174 -- i take them everywhere and love them.
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At that price buy TWO pairs and resell the extra pair.

My GOD, I paid 250 for my Apache X's, 200 is a STEAL.
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Funny how the posts were more technical in nature - and then - the price was shared and the posts are buy, buy, buy... Used to own Recons in a 174 - versatile, 70%piste/30% off, not great at speed, for someone your size and skiing the softer/lighter snow in CO I would normaly say 174's are too short - but - given your ablity - buy, buy,buy!

btw - can you see if the owner has a pair of Seth Vicious lying around. Or, how about some Chiefs?
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Well, inquiring minds want to know...did you buy them?
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Got them... thanks for the input. They look great, but who cares!!! I can't wait to take them for a run.
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I nominate that purchase as "the deal of the year"

Bravo, enjoy them
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