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Marmot Basin??

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Hi, our family is planning a seven day vacation to the rockies, and my dad strongly wants to go to Kicking Horse, mostly because its big, and doesn't cost that much. But I don't quite agree with his ideas, because from what I've heard its not worth going there for a whole week.

I'm looking at Marmot Basin, and I really like the terrain, it seems to me that we should go here instead. Is Marmot Basin underrated or does it deserve the small amount of credit it has. Thanks.
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I really like the variety of terrain at Marmot (for me, its the closest mountain ski area)...but snowfall, on a year-to-year basis, can be fickle. It really depends what time of the year you're planning to go. I've been there over Christmas when they've been operating on only had a 40cm base. Yet again, they can get really big dumps overnight, which means the place can rival any of the big boys further south. If you're planning on heading there in the New Year, by mid January-on they usually have pretty reliable snow cover. Even still, I'd mix in a few days at Marmot but head south a few hours to Louise, Sunshine or Kicking Horse for a day or two each - make it a smorgasboard!
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I like Marmot and usually try to get up there for at least one or two visits a year (keeping in mind that transportation involves at least one trip over the Icefields parkway in the dead of winter--not everyone's cup of tea). Spending a whole week there might be pushing it a bit, although if you are comfortable on the double-blacks off the Eagle Express you should be good for three or four days. Similarly, Kicking Horse is cheap, but unless you enjoy the blacks (double blacks on most hills) off CPR and Redemption Ridges you may find yourself confined to limited terrain (particularly if the lower mountain is light on snow). Both are probably better sampled as part of a tour incorporating some of the other hills (Sunshine, Louise, Panorama, KH and Marmot).

Another low cost option (at least for accommodation) would be to stay in Canmore and sample the five hills within an easy commute (Sunshine, Norquay, Louise, Nakiska, Fortress). Only Sunshine and Louise are big mountains, but the other three have their advocates.

A southern alternative would be to tie together Fernie, Castle, and Kimberley.

What is the deciding cost factor your dad is looking at, accommodations or lift tickets?
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