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My wife and I would be interested. She boards and I ski. She is an attorney and I sell food, so not industry people around here. We both ski almost everyday, in all conditons, and we also skin, so another test for longevity. We live in Aspen 8 blocks from the hill. Please PM if you think we would be good canidates.
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I'd be interested if you have a slot still for a rec. racer- Nastar and Council as well as regular east coast skier. We have Lake Effect snows that tend to be produce humid and wet snows- almost always good snowball making unless a real artic clipper comes down then it is cold wax all the way. Lately I have been visiting most of the Western NY resorts- so morning groomed and ice by the end of the day is regular conditions.

Other items to add to the resume- Glide testing is regularly done heading to the start shack, and try a rub on or overlay before another run through the course just to see the effect on times to gain the edge in the friendly rivalries.
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The Joys of Global Commerce-update

Apparently, a geographically challenged shipping agent somehow determined that Vancouver via the Panama Canal was a shorter route to Calgary from Italy than heading directly to Montreal or there abouts, eh. The already delayed shipment after it's fabulous journey through the tropics spent almost a couple weeks languishing in beautiful Vancouver and has finally arrived in Calgary after a nice train ride through the dramatic Canadian Rockies.

This puts the reality of getting the well traveled wax samples into the hands and on the ski and snowboard bases of the Intrepid Testing Bears sometime after Christmas if they don't get lost in the Christmas shipping frenzy. The original plan and hope was to be in the mode 2 weeks ago. Now I'm wondering if I should delay shipping the kits until after Christmas. Any thoughts?
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I plan on getting in 2-3 days while home on break (12/22 to 01/7) with a few pairs of skis at my disposal (now that I have tuning tools-thanks). I know of a few other boards and skis that I could try stuff out on as well while I am home. I don't have any other days planned untill the end of Jan. when I head to Smuggler's Notch VT. If the kits are ready to go, I say send them. They will probably make it in a few days after X-mass.
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I will test it. 40days a season in the PNW. I wax everytime I go up.
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If you're too busy, wait a few weeks. As you say, mail is backed up now. A little wait to avoid peak mail time might mean less additional shipping problems (lost, mis-routed packages), and not effect delivery dates significantly.
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I'm interested if you'd be interested in having a novice female in the midwest. I'm planning to ski 40 days this year, mostly midwest with 10 or so east.
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Lucky & num, thanks for the interest but we are go to go with the number of testers we have signed up.

Testers, please prepare a short narrative to describe your approach to skiing and waxing. I'll set up a separate thread with a poll where you can post the narrative, findings, questions, suggestions and general impressions, etc.

I'll play it by ear this coming week and see if I can get the kits out, but with many off on vacations and trips, it may be simply bad timing. Sending them out the 26th will be plan B.

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I'm not on any of these lists but I was given some hydro white and green which I mixed and have skied on in 15 degree to 30 degree conditions and have had great results. I have good retention of wax into the base and better than most slide quality. I would like to explore more of these products Though this test or purchasing . I am skiing in Eastern Washington and North Idaho both weekend days and some weekdays teaching and attending clinics all over the mountain . I think these products are thoughtfully produced and should give good results if used properly.
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I tune and wax 8-10 pair of skis for my fellow patrollers in CT each week, I also race in the weekly business league. I would love to find a quicker way to wax, but, I doubt any spray can last very long. I'd like to give it a try, and give my opinion. ZOG
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Well, we're tapped in terms of expense for providing & shipping EpicSki Member freebies of a Tuning Stand, Enhanced Tuning Kit and the wax kits, plus a 20% discount for EpicSki Supporters and trying to offer online assistance with quite a bit of our time.....not to mention the huge risk of a public display of testing......

As much as I'd like to provide everyone with free wax to try, it simply isn't possible. I challenge anyone to try it out as I have been doing for my own purposes, while trying to be objective and try to disprove the very positive scientific test results. It probably isn't for everyone, but I believe there is a place for Maplus liquid waxes in many people's repertoire.

With Race Base Soft (solid), scraped and brushed, followed by a P1 Med Spray (HC), heated with teflon sheet & brushed on my alpine/AT skis, I skied hard for 3 hours of non-stops on hardpacked, man-made and packed powder a week ago, then skied a half day powder on Tuesday. I just checked out the bases and if I was skiing powder I wouldn't wax them, but if it was hard abrasive snow, I would. This is not because of any apparent wear or change in performance, but because I just think I'd do it because 'I'd feel better about it', and it'd probably need it. If I had used the Race base med or hard instead of the soft, I'd consider blowing it off.

Another nicety of the sprays is lack of time and convenience. Two days ago while working and friends on the way to get in a tour/skate ski in with my son, I had to bang out the waxing. I tossed two pairs of skate skis (equivalent to 1 pair alpine) onto my Cinch vise. Performed a quick clean, dried, sprayed and rubbed in P1 Med on four skis in less than a minute. I let them dry while getting ready, went out with a teflon sheet and iron and heated up the wax and bases (two at once) to increase the saturation and 'bonding' into the bases. I threw the skis on the rack, loaded the car and went. I brushed them with the compact cork/nylon brush in less than a minute. While out on the track, my 10 year stops and tells me that his skis are 'Way fast!'. i did about a 10k on packed powder and moderately coarse corduroy with no apparent change in performance. While climbing hills, you know when there is a change.

The Race Bases paraffins are a little harder than the P1 paraffins (I think). The hard (cold) is like epoxy and the med is very durable. The med is a very good universal and I've receive very positive feedback from some just using it alone. This will be one of my next personal tests.

The test kits will include 100ml repackaged containers of the race base soft & hard. I'm considering offering the same 100ml containers for around $10 versus the 500ml containers, so people can try it with out spending much.

....off to set our backyard classic track in the recent powder....finally!

Thanks for your interest and Happy Holidays to all! Let it snow, let it snow!
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Alpinord, are all your waxes and sprays allowed on airplanes?

If the answer is 'yes', that's a big bonus.
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The solvent that Maplus developed to dissolve high melt paraffin and then deliver it to and saturate the base with liquids & sprays is not allowed on planes. This is true for all liquid waxes as far as I know. This also applies to shipping and mailing-it must be sent by surface. It's a the trade off. A paste wax or rub on wax is your next best option for convenience. You can still add heat with an iron Or other creative means ) to increase durability with minimal mess and effort. The next step is to bring solids and an iron for hot waxing and applying minimal wax application tricks to kept the mess and scraping to bare minimums.
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This is pretty exciting stuff. The other day temps were cold and the snow unusually abrasive. My skis were dragging with the wrong wax selection. I'm accustomed to dealing with the wax I came with. It will be interesting to see if these materials might make changes and touch-ups at the hill (away from the tuning bench) possible.
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That's definitely one of the advantages to easily and quickly adjust if conditions change during the day or are different than what you were expecting when you last waxed. A cordless drill in your vehicle with a roto-cork could come in handy to quickly bump up the durability a notch.
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The only cork I own is what came out of wine bottles.
Does this thing come with a mandrill or something to fit the drill? Looks a bit like a Tim the Toolman approach to ski wax.
I'm thinking the pocket cork and brush combo might suffice.
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One advantage of the typical ski & snowboard roto brushes and corks compared to Bidford's with truck drive shafts and required drills, is you won't have to haul a generator on a trailer to fire it up......and three people to hold them.

The high speed rotating cork can generate a lot of friction heat in lieu of an iron (and required power) or tons of elbow grease with wine corks : and other hand corks and is portable. Though not matching an iron, friction heat can help to increase durability of all hand applied wax types (liquids, sprays, pastes & rub-ons) by also pushing wax into the base and smoothing. Follow with brushing after minimal or no scraping.

The cork/brush is very versatile and portable and may see more use as you might be more inclined to keep it with you (and far more economical), along with some wax, pocket stone, etc.
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The brand name is "Binford", and the portable version is a fully modified 2-stroke gasoline powered.

Allright, you are springing for all this wax, I figure I can get a rotocork and test it the way its intended. It won't help, I'll still look like a geek, or was that gaper. Rotocork, the next "ski-tote".
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Thanks for the correction, since I have CRS, I couldn't recall exactly....much less what happened yesterday. I also forgot about the 2-stroke shop tools.....hmmmmm a 2-stroke roto brush ought to go well with a flame thrower for parking lot hot waxing.

You don't really need the roto tools, but the brushes and corks are a huge time saver as is the cork. I don't use the cork much myself but maybe should more often. For those last minute waxings and brushings, I'm addicted.

A good consideration for anyone going done the roto road is that if you get a 20cm shaft, you can put two different 10cm brushes/cork combos on and bang out brushing & corking jobs in no time. The new quick grips are another nice little time saving option versus removing the shafts from the drill chuck, you can pop off and on brushes real fast. (FWIW, I'm considering unloading my rigid shaft and handle so I can justify the quick grip if interested. I cut off the shroud.)
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Maplus Liquid & Spray Wax Test starting

Well.....drum roll please........finally the stuff is here!

I'll be trying to get an initial wave of 6 or 8 out the door this weekend/early next week for the testers who signed up, are still interested and contact me first. (Cirquerider & comprex, I'm assuming you're both still in and let me know otherwise.)

Hold onto your butts, helmets and hats!
Let the chaos, mad science, experiments and fun begin! :

(Should this thread continue or start another one....and where should it reside?)
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What wax do you suggest for easing the glide over New England rocks? I seem to be slowing too much this year.

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Use Race Base Titanium and someone else's boards.
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My 1st experience with Maplus wax...

It's well known that I'm a huge lover of Hertel Super Hot Sauce for 90% of our midwest ski conditions. The only time it's not great for everyday skiing is at either end of the tempurature and humidity scales (warm/wet snow and really cold/squeaky snow). This weekend we had temps ranging from 18deg f to 28deg f and snow that consisted of crunchy man-made snow covered by and intermixed with fluffy, sparkly, cold natural snow. Usually the Hot Sauce will be somewhat sticky and slow in these conditions, causing the skis to slow down and speed up every time they passed from man-made to natural snow and back.

I did a little experimenting by mixing the Hot Sauce and Maplus Universal Green 1/2 & 1/2 when I waxed last week. I felt the tempurature wasn't quite cold enough to go with the Green exclusively, thus the combination. The combo was surprisingly easy to work with and skied very well. While skiing, I experienced none of the Hot Sauce's usual jerkiness or stickiness and the wax job has held up through 2 full days of skiing - the skis are still shiny, silky, and smooth (the man-made snow will usually cause base burn along the edges within 1-2 days). I'm not a convert from Hot Sauce yet, but I'm very pleased with the results so far and am looking forward to trying the spray on as well.
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I am interested in joining in if you still need testers.


Recreational skier with 50+ days per year.  I mainly ski at whiteface in lake placid, ny with a few days in sugarbush in VT and jay peak, vt.  This year, I'll be taking a few trips out west.  Heading to Alta and Snowbird in early february and British Columbia in mid-february.


I have four pair of skis (GS, everyday ski, powder boards, and alpine touring ski)


I have had a lot of tuning and waxing experience over the past 20 years.  First, I learned from the some of the best waxers on my Jr. Olympic ski jumping team. Then, as a recreational racer.  Now, as a recreational skier who tunes and waxes often.


Let me know how and I can help out.



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Sorry Matt. That ship sailed almost 4 years ago.


Here is the Maplus Wax test thread.

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