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Zenith Z3 vs. Z5 vs. Z9 which one?

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As most of you know I'm 5' 10" 210lbs level 7-8 ski PNW and Tahoe mainly.

I'm looking for a ski to compliment my B3's...I'm going to use the skis mainly as an on piste groomer zoomer that I can relax on, but still can handle being pushed aggressively and make all shapes of turns. I'm finding my B3's aren't necessarily the funnest ski when I'm casually skiing with the kids/wife and less accomplished friends.

I've brought this up before and some recommended the Z9, but from my research, this may not be the best choice. I was also recommended the Dynastar Intuitiv 71, but cannot find them shorter than a 188, or more than I'm willing to spend on an older ski in shorter sizes.

I've found a Zenith Z3 TPI w/Axium 300 bindings in a 176cm for very cheap and I'm tempted.

Any thoughts?
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They definately satisfy the relaxing groomer/zoomer, but I'm not sure how much they'll want to be pushed. Z5 sounds like the best bet for what you need, but perhaps two pairs of skis is the way to go! Grab the Z3's, and look for a higher speed carver as well. Remember the Z3's have different dimensions than the other 2 as well.

BTW I'm 190 lbs, same level skier and am planning to use my 170 cm Z9's exactly as you have described, so thinking again 176 cm Z9 may actually be your best option. I guess it all depends on how much better a deal you can get on the Z3...but the Z5 and Z9 are better, and worth the extra $ IMO.
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How about a Volkl 5 star?
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Originally Posted by memosteve View Post
How about a Volkl 5 star?
That ski would work just fine for you in a 175cm.
PS. I would opt for a Z5 over a Z3 if you are going to stick with a Rossi.
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I agree with the length recommendation but would recommend the Z9. The Z5 is also good but I found the Z9 to be a far more fun ski - more responsiveness. Both skis love to turn. Highly recommend them. The Z3 seems to be too much of an intermediate ski given what you've said about yourself and where you ski. The Z series is very forgiving - go for the 9.
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I'm probably going to get the Z5 as I've just been offered a pair for a killer price from someone local...If I don't like them, I'm sure I could get at least what I paid for them, so it's really a no-brainer at this point.

I still want to at least get on a pair of Z9's and some Volkl 5 stars and some Allstars.
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I love my Z9s on the groomed/hard stuff. I even tried them out on a powder day, and they did OK...they love to turn hard. I ski a 170 @ 5'10"\195lbs and think its about right for me.
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Well I just picked up a pair of Z5's today from a great guy here in the local ski scene.

They are a 176cm w/Axial 120's. The skis are totally mint condition w/only about 5 days on them. $350...Not too shabby.
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Great deal, well worth the extra few $$ to upgrade from the Z3. It should be an ideal ski for what you're looking for, let us know how it works out!
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