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What do you think of this deal?

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Someone is offering me the choice of one of the following brand new pairs of skis: an '06 Dynastar 8000 with Marker Titanium bindings, an '06 Rossi B2 with Marker Titanium bindings or an '06 K2 Apache Recon with integrated Marker 12.0 din piston bindings in exchange for my brand new '07 Volkl AC3's.

So what do you think?
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I think you should keep the 07 AC3. But if you muuuust trade...The Recon.
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No Deal

No Question:

Keep the AC3 period.
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It all depends on the weight you give to skiing various types of terrain. If trees, bumps, and powder were at the top, the 8000 hands down. Not sure about the strengths of the others but they will not do better than the 8000 in the above areas.
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I would agree with Phil but add that it depends if you are filling a slot in the quiver or looking at trading your only ski. If it were to be my "one ski quiver", I'd keep the AC3 hands down. If I needed a midfat, Recon.

I recently added a pair of Fischer AMC79's to fill out my quiver. I actually wanted the Recon but the AMC deal was too good to pass up.
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You guys are funny...

Drop off the AC3's, grap the 8000's and quickly depart. Don't even look back in case the other party changes their mind.

Despite the urge, don't stop driving until you're at least a mile down the road to pull over and have a good laugh.
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which party would have the loudest laugh considering the value of each of these skis? or am i way off base thinking the AC3 is worth more dollarwise?
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If this is your eastern ski and spend most of the time carving on-piste, stick with the AC3. If you want more versatility for off-piste as well, IMHO it's between the Recon and 8000. Just depends on the type of feel you want out of the ski. Of course, if he offered a trade for a Monster IM82 then it would be a no-brainer.
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Depends what you want for a ski. Don't look at the price tag that doesn't mean anything. If you want a ski for the icy east keep the AC3. For bumps, trees and pow the 8000 is incredible.
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That's funny - all the deals are crap because Marker sucks .

It's a new season and I haven't seen any Marker bashing yet - thought I'd kick off the new season right :. We're down on our quota...
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Noodler, I'll give you that one for sure. And thank you for pointing out the Marker sucks!
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