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Meticket Questions

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I have some questions about metickets and the best passes to purchase. I'm heading out to Steamboat at Xmas but only for 5 days of skiing. I am also going to Utah in Feb. and back to Steamboat in March. My question is: can I buy the meticket and use it for Steamboat at Christmas and in March? They are sold starting with a six day minimum. Also, I may do one of my Utah days at the Canyons, could I use a single Meticket there, or are they resort specific when you buy them?
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Hi Racermom!

We are also going out to Steamboat at Xmas and I am going out again in late January. From my reading of the info on metickets it appears you can use them on more than one trip. I would call the ticket office to make sure. Also, have you checked out the super value passes. A 10 day pass costs $499 - only $9.00 more than a 10 day meticket, but also gives discounts on rentals, food, etc. I think you can't use the discounts during Xmas, but you could in April. It also provides direct-to-lift access, whereas with the meticket you have to go to the ticket office to get an actual ticket after you arrive. Here's to good skiing at Xmas!
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