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I said this in the other topic, but I wanted to let all those again know how much I appreciated the helpfull information about teaching young children how to ski.

I know it was over a year ago but I used some of your tips with my older girl and she seem to be having fun. The T-bar was a great tool for pulling her around the yard with her ski's on. At first she wasn't sure about it but after a few tries she started to have fun.

The ski season has not been the best here. There has been very little snow to work with, but I feel next year she is going to be going down hill by herself.

We are now getting the first major snow fall since Dec/Jan and we have been having fun with making snowmen and trying to ski.z(one nasty Ice storm that took out everyone's power)

I hope all of you are getting an overfill of skiing. I only went Once this year(sigh) but I am hoping next year will be different.

I will be on tomorrow, my daughter wants to play phone.LOL

See ya all around
Becca /aka SnO BJ

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