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sheer greed!

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So I know I don't NEED a new ski, but I can't help myself. I currently have a Metron 11 balanze, Salomon Equipe and was thinking about purchasing a fat ski.

I can get:
Salomon 1080 ($350)
K2 Public Enemy (250)
in last year's models.

But I am reading good things about the Head Mojo also. Help! Or tell me I dont NEED it . I am around 5 7, 150.

Thanks in advance!
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Salomon 1080 Gun from last year? (Blue with a little orange)

Of course you NEED it, why have only 2 pairs of skis when you can have 3, 4 or more! What exactly are you looking to get out of the skis? Just powder? All mountain? Steeps, crud, etc.? And are you looking at Mojo 90's?
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Greed schmreed. There should be a man law about this
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It's the 1080 foil ... black and white. Ironically, the K2 public enemy and the 1080 are in the perfect sizes for me ... mid 160's. I want something that'll give me the powder and crud while being able to still chase groomers (and maybe even some carving). Is that asking too much??? Phil I agree. MAN LAW!
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Im a big fan of the 1080 Foils....a little bit wider underfoot than the 03/04, 04/05 models and a nice feel for an all-condition ski. Depending on your weight and the length of the ski you are interested in, this ski should be able to handle most conditions.

Can't wait to get out this year and try out my most recent superfluous purchase, 177 Karmas.
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Recently moved to Philly from Pittsburgh and need to find a shop that wont hack up my gear. You have any suggestions? Where do you ski around here??

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