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Not trying to bust anybody's chops, any news on when Deb Armstrong's talk will be available (I was without an isp for a couple of weeks, maybe I just missed the link.)
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No, you haven't missed it. Yes, I need to get it done. I'll set a deadline of 15 November, ok?
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I really wasn't trying to hurry you, as I said, my time on site has been sparse since the first of the month (just moved back to the prb, took this long to get moved in and get things hooked up). Really wasn't sure the link hadn't already been posted.
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Oh, not at all! I really do need to get it done. I've had some challenges, but that's no excuse.
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I'm not going to make my promised date of the 15th. I do have all the equipment, now, but I'm having to work it in-between everything else my clients are asking me to do, and I am not getting it done quickly enough. It will be done by the 30th, whatever it takes to do that!

I am sorry to have missed my commitment.
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